Improve Transparency and Collaboration

      Utilize a shared inbox platform and give your team accountability to improve transparency. Help them collaborate in order to address the customer needs efficiently.

      Collaborative Team Inbox

      Collaboration is an integral part of the ticketing system software and DeskXpand helps you get everyone involved. Save your inquiries from falling through the crack with a shared team inbox.

      Task Management

      Manage both one-time and recurring tasks. Admins can create, track and add tasks for multiple staff agents within seconds. They can also post comments, attach files, attach to-do lists with the task, and add reminders to the tasks within seconds.

      Collision Detection

      Let your agents know and view if someone else is viewing or replying to the ticket and save potential collisions through the Online Ticketing System.

      Chat Within the Tickets

      No more juggling between internal CC, BCC, and forwards. Let your team members chat within the thread for discussion. DeskXpand comes with an undo feature that lets agents undo their responses within the buffer period.

      Merge Similar Tickets

      Merge multiple similar tickets and send a common reply to all the tickets at once. Once you merge the tickets all the secondary tickets are closed and the messages get sorted in chronological order.

      Create New Tickets From Helpdesk

      If a customer is not able to register a complaint ticket themselves, agents can help them by creating new tickets for them. DeskXpand lets you create new tickets simply from within the helpdesk.

      Non-Chaotic Ticket Management System

      Scale up your support with collaborative online ticketing system software. DeskXpand offers a non-chaotic ticket management system between team members.

      • Fast Ticket Import

        New tickets show up within a minute of ticket generation. The automated update system makes sure that there is no need to manually refresh the screen time and again.

      • Smart Ticket Assignment

        Automatically capture and log all incoming tickets and auto-assign each ticket to a specific agent with our Online Ticketing System.

      • Ticket Template

        Admins can create multiple ticket templates where they can pre-fill information like subject, and description. Agents can use these templates to quickly create tickets and send emails.

      • Create Sub – tickets Within the Ticket

        Resolve your complex queries faster by splitting them into smaller sub-tickets that the concerned team can simultaneously work on.

      • Canned Responses

        DeskXpand allows you to create pre-saved or pre-formatted responses. It usually includes common greeting messages or common responses that are saved for future use.

      SLA Management

      DeskXpand ticket management system comes with a unique and robust service level agreement management function where you can specify as many policies as needed.

      Simplified SLA Target Creation

      Create targets for the entire workflow like time taken for first response, time taken for ticket assignment, response time, ticket closing time, and so on.

      Lifecycle Tracking

      Keep track of the deadlines by tracking ticket lifecycle based on elapsed time, request categories, minimum response time, and so on.

      Prevent Breach through Escalation

      Prevent potential SLA breaches through automated escalation actions for each and every commitment. Notify the right team member to get the tickets resolved in time.

      Custom Alerts and Notifications

      Set visual alerts and notifications to ensure that as the SLA breach time approaches, those problematic tickets get more attention.

      Measure SLA Performance

      Monitor the SLA performances and keep setting stronger targets to deliver a refined and thorough customer service experience.

      Automate and Optimize Your Ticketing System Software

      Enforce the best practices for all workflows and processes with automation. Minimize the downtime for your end-users by timely ticket resolution and optimize your customer support.

      Faster Processes

      Reduce the resolution time through automation. If the time of each process is reduced, the overall time of the workflow reduces.

      To-Do List With Reminders

      Let your agents maintain a personalized to-do list and ensure they don’t miss out on the smallest details. You can also set reminders with the to-do tasks in the list and make the follow-up process easier.

      Automatic Escalations

      Enable automatic escalations based on hierarchy, priority, functional escalations, and so on to enforce issue prioritization.

      Comments Within Tickets

      Enable a non-intrusive way for your agents to involve other team members, transfer tickets, or request information within the support thread.

      Occasional Customer Response

      Send emails to your customers automatically on important occasions, holidays, weekends, and so on with our Online Ticketing System.

      Analyze Reports and Take Better Decisions

      Gather and analyze different types of customer data and metrics, in order to get valuable insights and evaluate your strategy to design better customer experiences.

      Ticket Heatmap

      Combine quantitative and qualitative data to analyze your first-time response. Improve operations to know the peak timings when you receive the maximum tickets.

      Enrich your Knowledge Base

      Analyze the customer journey to identify the most frequent issues that customers encounter and include them in your knowledge base.

      Customer and Company Details Page

      You can add a descriptive bio about your brand, your mission, and everything around it. DeskXpand also lets you add multiple descriptions for multiple brands/products.

      Boost Agent Preparedness

      Analyze reports to predict the behavior of prospective clients so that agents can be better prepared to assist them.

      Tag Search

      The tag search feature works exactly like hashtags within your helpdesk. A simple tag search can help you identify the trends in the incoming tickets hence enabling you to divert resources accordingly.

      Increase Your Brand Awareness

      DeskXpand’s Online Ticketing System not only helps you create incomparable customer experiences but also helps improve your brand recognition and customer loyalty.

      Personalized Touch with Custom Domain

      Manage multiple email addresses easily in the helpdesk and reply to tickets using your company’s domain name.

      Customized Signatures

      Let your agents send personalized professional emails. Every agent can create their own signature and add it to the tickets.

      Customer Feedback

      Send customized messages requesting customers to rate their experiences after resolving their tickets.

      Discover on Your Own

      Choose the right customer service software for your business. We are ISO27001 certified online ticketing system software portal experts with 15+ years of industry experience. Request a personalized demo and find out how our product can help you delight your support staff and your customers.

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      I needed a lot of support when integrating the DX portal. We loved how the team solved it just like their own product and supported us a lot!


      Not only the onboarding experience, even after I purchased the DeskXpand, team DX has been super responsive whenever I needed their support.