Streamline Your Work Delegation

DeskXpand help desk task management lets you create tasks and assign them to different users on and off the field. It enables you to maintain visibility within teams to ensure on-time resolution collaboratively.

Create Tasks from Tickets

Our help desk task management allows you to create, track and assign tasks to multiple support agents within seconds. Your agents can post comments, attach files, and notify your customers altogether from a single interface. Admin can schedule the tasks on time and set reminders. DeskXpand also lets you create subtasks for your help desk tickets.

Measure Real-Time Performance

Help desk task management also lets you measure your real-time performance from within the help desk. You can practice efficient log management around the tasks and measure the performance of individual agents/technicians. You can also view all the pending tasks assigned to you from a single place and take necessary actions. A 360-degree view ensures that you can streamline and standardize your entire task management process.

Communicate Collaboratively

The inline comment within the tickets/tasks enables the support executives to communicate collaboratively. This means the agents won't have to juggle between internal CC, BCC, forwards, and replies. They can just chat within the ticket thread and add comments when required. If multiple agents are working on the subtasks of a single ticket, they can comment within the thread and collaborate on the resolution.

Streamline Your Work Delegation

Transform Your Field Service Operations

Get a consolidated view into your field service operations with DeskXpand help desk task management. Assign, organize, track and manage your tasks as you build and scale your field service operations.

Delegate Better with Subtasks

Divide your tasks into subtasks and let multiple agents work on them parallelly in order to meet quick resolution. This is particularly helpful in a situation where a lot of technicalities are involved in the ticket.

Customizable Task fields

DeskXpand enables you to define tasks with custom fields for your support executives. You can add task fields according to various parameters, and this task can be from a customer request or as a follow-up action.

Improve On-field Operations

Customize your on-field operations tasks and add fields to track custom business parameters. Ensure that your field task has access to relevant information while responding to a customer request.

Transform Your Field Service Operations

Help Desk Project Management Software For The Win

Get rid of legacy task management tools like Jira, Trello that demand switching from one interface to another. Use a unified help desk task management tool instead.

No Additional Costs

Integrate your task management software with DeskXpand without paying hefty costs for doing so. Besides, it also enables you to get up and running within minutes.

No Additional System Required

DeskXpand’s built-in task management ensures that you do not need any additional system to carry out your task management processes.

No More Switching

Streamline your processes. Free your support executives from switching between multiple channels and tools. DeskXpand offers a unified view of all the support operations.

Help Desk Project Management Software For The Win

Discover on Your Own

Standardize and optimize your support workflows for better visibility and increased resolution rates with the best help desk task management. Go the extra mile for your customers with help desk project management software. Choose the right helpdesk partners for your business. We are ISO27001 certified helpdesk development experts with 15+ years of industry experience. Interested in seeing what DeskXpand can do for you? Sign up for a free trial and see why DeskXpand is the industry's top choice.

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