Complete Visibility Through Omnichannel Support Software

Deliver a cohesive, flexible, and integrated customer experience across all channels and achieve complete visibility through omnichannel support software.

Multiple Channels in One

It is difficult to provide adequate service to all customers with one support channel. DeskXpand omnichannel support software lets you communicate with customers how and when they want across numerous channels, creating a seamless support experience.

Email Support

DeskXpand omnichannel support software converts all your incoming emails into actionable tickets. You can further categorize and prioritize these tickets based on your SLA parameters. It saves your support executives from switching multiple channels and interfaces.

Whenever a customer sends an email to lodge their queries, DeskXpand will create a new ticket automatically. The customer will get a reply automatically confirming that their queries have been registered. Your team will also get an email about the same. This increases the overall support efficiency as the support staff will not have to create tickets manually for all customer queries.

Email Support

Feedback Form

Customer feedback is a piece of crucial information regarding customers’ experience with your products, services, and brand. Listening to customers is the best way to bring customer satisfaction. Identify bottlenecks, and understand what resonates well with customers and what doesn’t

DeskXpand lets you create customized feedback forms as you want and let your customers contact you simply by filling them out. Our omnichannel support software lets you build feedback forms with rating scales and customer fields. You can also add open-ended questions and let customer submit their detailed comments if required. With DeskXpand, you can also gather real-time data about customer satisfaction and team performance with the help of SLAs and dashboards.

 Feedback Form

Self-Service Help Center

Our omnichannel customer support software lets you provide a one-stop solution for customers who are self-driven. DeskXpand offers a fully customizable help center to empower your customers to take the wheel and find the answers in a way they prefer.

Users can search the knowledge base articles whenever they want and later submit a ticket if their queries are unresolved. You can embed your support portal into a chat widget on your website for an even more seamless customer service experience. You can use the support portal for in-house as well as external support. When dealing with customers, it is important that agents are able to see organization-wide tickets, and DeskXpand takes care of that (with permission-based access, of course).

Self-Service Help Center

Help Widget

Through DeskXpand’s web help widget, you can offer an embedded customer service experience and offer your customers support in any or all of the following forms.

  • Guide: You can embed your support portal and suggest articles from your knowledge base for immediate self-service support.
  • Contact support executives: Let customers request a reply from an executive by simply submitting a form that asks for their contact and query details.
  • Chat: Let your customer start a chat right then and there from within the web help widget.
Help Widget

eCommerce Integration (Shopify)

Bring all your eCommerce operations to a unified panel and create a central command for your business. Omnichannel support software can help you save time by automating manual tasks like query registration, common queries, ticket assignment, etc.

DeskXpand lets you integrate eCommerce stores like Shopify to centralize your support and communication. It enables you to track queries easily and get an overview of your customer experience. This will further help you build meaningful interactions with your eCommerce customers.

 eCommerce Integration (Shopify)

Customer Support Made Easy With Omnichannel Solution

The biggest benefit of having an omnichannel solution is that your support executives won't have to switch channels. They can manage everything from a single interface with full visibility.

Quick Channel Setup

We can help you set up the channels of your choice and get you up and running within minutes. DeskXpand's omnichannel solution is designed to streamline multiple communication channels like email, self-service, and many more in one place.

Cater to a Diverse Customer Base

A single communication channel may or may not be suitable to cater to all types of audiences. When you implement multiple channels, it works in improving your brand identity as customers will be able to find a medium of communication convenient to them.

Improved Customer Retention and Sales

Multiple channels will enable you to increase your sales opportunities by gaining the customer's trust. An omnichannel solution improves the query resolution rates and the customer experience which further drives long-term growth and customer loyalty.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

An omnichannel solution brings standardization to the processes, which further helps you provide a consistent experience. Providing priority query resolution also improves customer satisfaction and builds brand recognition.

Boost Your Brand

Customize your omnichannel support software as and how you want. You can design your own portal, and customize it as you want. Create your own brand identity and adhere to the standards of support that your brand promises.

Customer Support Made Easy With Omnichannel Solution
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Choose the right omnichannel customer support software for your business. Deliver a unified experience across all support channels with the help of DeskXpand. Interested in seeing what DeskXpand can do for you? Let’s discuss today!


I like the ease of using the DeskXpand and the social media integration. And the feedback feature that the dashboard could integrate into the website is excellent.


Xander LLC, united-states



I like the ease of using the DeskXpand and the social media integration. And the feedback feature that the dashboard could integrate into the website is excellent.


I needed a lot of support when integrating the DX portal. We loved how the team solved it just like their own product and supported us a lot!


Not only the onboarding experience, even after I purchased the DeskXpand, team DX has been super responsive whenever I needed their support.

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