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Here’s how a help desk can help you reduce your internal costs and increase your business revenue. Also, with a quality help desk at your service, here are some of the extra benefits that you can get…..


Reduced Business Costs


Increase in Self-service


Increased Agent Productivity


Increase in the Response Time


Company's Back Story

Our client, Michelle, runs an online service marketplace. She’s been running it for a year now. Her business includes providing home services in multiple categories like home cleaning, electronic servicing, artwork, furniture supplies, etc. Her goal is to expand the service in a few more categories in the upcoming years. The business had made quite a name for itself in the last year. Michelle has been successfully creating strategies and implementing them to get the desired outcomes for her business.


Michelle was concerned about the service they were offering to the customers. Her business was running successfully, but the service was not upto the mark. Let’s see what challenges they faced:

  • Not having suitable software resulted in a lot of time consumption for the agents. Hence, it cost too much to solve a single customer query.
  • It became hard for them to retain their customers as they were not happy with the services that they were offered.
  • A lot of repetitive queries were raised, and to tackle such situations, they could not find a suitable solution. It consumed a lot of time and kept the agents from focusing on crucial queries.
  • They were unable to reduce the number of queries generated as they did not offer self-service options to their customers.


 DeskXpand helped Michelle solve all her concerns related to the service. It ensured they were working productively and offering customers great experiences. Let’s see the issues that DeskXpand solved:

  • DeskXpand proved to be a cost-effective solution for them, as it saved a lot of time for the agents. It helped them to focus on more crucial queries, resulting in faster and easier resolution.
  • With a lot of helpful features, they were able to offer quality services to their customers, that too on time. It helped them to retain more customers with less effort.
  • Canned responses and automation solved one of the major issues of solving repetitive queries. With its help, agents made sure all the repetitive queries were answered at once.
  • They successfully reduced the number of new incoming queries as they started offering self-service options to their customers, which allowed the customers to take control of their own queries.

Implementation (How DeskXpand Enhanced Agent Productivity by 45%)

Respond Faster to Customer Queries

Customers always need a quick response, and taking too long to reply can hamper their experience. This is where Michelle and her service team were falling behind. They were overwhelmed with incoming customer queries. But with DeskXpand’s canned response feature, they effectively managed to respond quickly to certain queries and make sure that the resolution is offered on time.

Respond Faster to Customer Queries _ Omnichannel, Unified Interface_ 14.9.22

Do More in Less Time

Customer service agents always have a lot on their plate. They need to remain proactive all the time and ensure that they stay on their A-game. This is where the automation feature helped Michelle and her team a lot. With its help, they made sure that they did not have to do every task manually. After adopting automation, they were able to do more work and consume less time.

Do More in Less Time _ Automation

Let Your Customers Help Themselves

For most customers, their first attempt is to solve the issue on their own. They do not want to depend totally on customer service agents. This was the exact scenario with Michelle’s customers. They wanted the option of self-service to be in the driving seat. And with DeskXpand, they were able to offer their customers just what they needed. They started offering FAQs, a knowledge base, video tutorials, etc.

Let Your Customers Help Themselves _ Knowledgebase internal - final

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Our Client’s Own Experience

After installing DeskXpand we noticed a shift towards online self-service FAQs rather than queries in calls/emails. We noticed an increase in the help center views by 43% in just 3 months. Now, with the help of an organized solution, we are able to tackle more tickets in a day. It also enhanced our support team’s productivity by 23% in the past quarter. Finally, we are delighted with how DeskXpand has helped us standardize and reduce our internal business costs.


Angeline Somers

Conquest Care and Support Agency Ltd,


DeskXpand is the best software! It is amazing and easy to use. The customer service Team are brilliant and so helpful. They are so accommodating and very flexible according to the needs of your business. I would highly recommend using them.


Lazecca Fashion,


Great app and fast support team.


Xander LLC,


I like the ease of using the DeskXpand and the social media integration. And the feedback feature that the dashboard could integrate into the website is excellent.

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