Case Study: How DeskXpand Helped Adam to Achieve 60% Customer Satisfaction Score?

How DeskXpand Helped Adam to Achieve 60% Customer Satisfaction Score?


Adam has an online eCommerce store of apparel. He had just started his journey in this space. Acknowledging the giant number of digital footfalls on his store, along with an increasing number of customer queries, he wanted a solution that helps him serve an incomparable customer service.

His specific goal was to achieve a higher CSAT(Customer Satisfaction Score) for his business. When he reached out to DeskXpand, his company was facing various problems like longer response time, difficulties serving a personalized experience, and not being able to serve a timely solution to a large number of customers.


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Adam’s major challenges revolved around setting a standardized system for customer service so that he can increase his customer retention rate. His customers were extremely unhappy with the current customer service department. They constantly complained about long waiting phone calls just to register their complaint, being transferred from one agent to another, and sometimes even not being able to reach the company at all.

Besides this, the customer support agents were overworked and frustrated at all times. They were tired of answering the same questions again and again. They also constantly had to deal with angry customers every now and then. Besides, Adam did not have a system to measure and optimize problems in order to save them from falling through cracks. Before he turned to DeskXpand, Adam tried plenty of support solutions but wasn’t satisfied with any of them. Different solutions brought different issues pertaining to features, cost, integrations, and so on. And then he adopted DeskXpand!

How DeskXpand Transformed the Scenario

When he reached out to us, our team had several meetings with him to closely monitor and understand his situation. After finding the root cause of his problems, our team analyzed how DX can fill that gap. To summarize, his major goal was complaint resolution growth that ultimately contributes to higher customer satisfaction.

4 Times Faster Customer Complaint Resolution and 60(+)% CSAT

With DeskXpand Adam was able to frame a standardized workflow for ticket resolution. With a streamlined process in place, customers could easily register their complaints through various mediums without having to wait for a longer period of time. DeskXpand’s Omnichannel features helped him set multiple channels like email, forms, and social media so that his customers can reach him at their convenience.

Adam was also able to reduce ticket inquiries by implementing a well-structured knowledge base. With a knowledge base, customers can find answers to common queries on their own. His customers love it, as they can solve their queries independently. This way the agents can also focus on important issues rather than answering repetitive questions.

Since then, Adam has seen a reduction in the incoming ticket traffic. DeskXpand also helped Adam and his company serve a personalized customer experience. At the time of ticket registration, his agents can automatically send personalized acknowledgment messages to the customers. Besides, Adam was able to automate fiscal manual tasks like ticket registration, ticket assignment, and so on. As a result, customers were happy about the solutions and Adam was ultimately able to increase the customer retention rate of his company. After adopting DeskXpand Adam’s company received 60% positive feedback on overall support. His company was able to cater to the customers at a 4 times higher resolution speed.

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