• So, How Exactly DeskXpand’s Customer Service Software Can Benefit You?

    To begin with, DeskXpand customer service system facilitates you to handle your customer service interactions in a much easier way. You can manage and resolve requests from different channels in one place. The intuitive interface ensures everything happens seamlessly!

  • Task Management

    For service teams working across different locations, DeskXpand can be highly advantageous. Manage multiple service tasks from a single platform totally hassle-free!

  • Agent Self-Help

    Employees running around in circles to get information leads to delayed resolution. With an internal knowledge base, give them access to all the necessary documentation.

  • One Place for All Channels

    Manage multiple channels, including email, contact forms, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc., from one place. Gain better visibility and better context.

  • Collecting Customer Feedback

    DeskXpand Customer Service Software makes it possible to take and analyze feedback. Attach surveys with emails, and send it to your customers in just a few clicks!

  • Insights With Helpdesk Analytics

    The helpdesk dashboard gives you an overview of metrics like team performance, ticket lifecycle, etc. You can identify areas of improvement and take further actions.

Works For Businesses Across Varied Industries

DeskXpand’s Customer Service Software is for businesses of all sizes irrespective of the industry. Have a look at some of them below!

Retail & eCommerce


IT & Software


 Retail & eCommerce

Customer service in eCommerce, as well as in retail, is a tricky job. These industries are constantly changing, and so are the ways companies deal with customers. Businesses need to be quick, personalized, and accessible on different channels. Cater to modern-day shoppers with a modern day Customer Service Software.


Delivering customer service in education includes solving queries about admission processes, accommodation or transport facilities, details on the merit lists, and so on. For that, institutes need to make information easily accessible to both their internal & external stakeholders. DeskXpand customer service software has got you covered! Deliver great customer service leading to a lasting institutional reputation.

 IT & Software

When it comes to customer service in IT, it is all about streamlined task management. To manage day-to-day service tasks, field agents need an effective customer service helpdesk that helps take care of workload. You can create and assign tasks to different agents, as well as get complete visibility of what your team is doing.


Delivering customer service in healthcare requires seamless internal as well as patient communication. DeskXpand customer service software backs you here by streamlining the entire process. It ensures collaboration between doctors, lab, specialists, vendors, etc. Additionally, it lets you take follow-ups, and feedback, and send appointment reminders.

Integrated Service Task Management.

Manage Routine Tasks for Zero Mess, Zero Stress!

DeskXpand helps optimize your service workflow. With service task management, create tasks and assign them to different users on and off the field. Plus, you can have more visibility on ongoing tasks. Think of us as having a task management tool alongside customer service software!

  • For service tickets, create tasks as well as sub-tasks. Subtasks are best if a complicated task needs to be divided between different agents.

  • Each task is quite detailed. Set priority, due date, and thus customize task fields based on various parameters.

  • Employees can log their work, and admin can stay updated on the status. The work log management feature has amazing capabilities!

  • Enable agents working both on the field and online to work collaboratively. This will ensure timely resolution.

Set Up an Internal Knowledge Base.

Give Your Service Team The Ability to Self-Serve

An internal knowledge base puts information in the hands of service agents, thus enabling them to best serve customers. Here’s what you get with DeskXpand customer service solution.

  • Create a variety of content, including onboarding, FAQs, troubleshooting guides, etc. Organize the content by creating categories and folders. That way, make the knowledge base intuitive for your staff.

  • Enable team members to collaborate for approval and feedback when creating articles. They can also stage articles with drafts to publish later.

  • Have got multiple products or sister companies under your organization? DeskXpand customer service helpdesk helps you have standardized documentation across your company.

Provide Multichannel Customer Service.

Offer Customers More Convenience.

On average, 47% of consumers use 3 to 5 channels to communicate with a brand. Additionally, 90% of them want a consistent experience across all channels. Here’s how to provide multichannel service with a customer service system.

  • Let customers contact you via multiple channels, including emails, chat, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp with DeskXpand.

  • Integrate channels and manage all of them from one interface. DeskXpand unifies all the information for you, thus giving you complete visibility.

  • You need not worry about scattered information about the customer journey. Service agents will always have access to past interactions, irrespective of the channel. It helps provide speedy and personalized service to each query.

  • Multichannel is not only about getting service queries from different touch points. If done correctly, your business can have more engaged conversations and thus build deeper relationships.

Improve Customer Support

With Reports & Analytics

DeskXpand’s dashboard helps give you a 360-degree overview of help desk performance. Gain actionable insights into what steps you should take to enhance the support experience. Here’s how DeskXpand customer service software helps.

  • Get a complete overview of satisfaction surveys with customer happiness reports. Based on that, determine happy and unhappy customers, measure agent performance.

  • Have detailed reports on the inflow service tickets. You can analyze them to manage workload, take actions on pending tasks, and such.

  • Measure the performance of every service query and interaction agents have with customers by taking CSAT surveys.

  • Irrespective of the channel you receive service requests from, enable agents to share feedback forms via email after query resolution.

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I like the ease of using the DeskXpand and the social media integration. And the feedback feature that the dashboard could integrate into the website is excellent.


Xander LLC, united-states



I like the ease of using the DeskXpand and the social media integration. And the feedback feature that the dashboard could integrate into the website is excellent.


I needed a lot of support when integrating the DX portal. We loved how the team solved it just like their own product and supported us a lot!


Not only the onboarding experience, even after I purchased the DeskXpand, team DX has been super responsive whenever I needed their support.

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