Apply Automation to Magnify Efficiency

Our helpdesk automation functionalities help you improve efficiency by automating repetitive tasks so that the support agents can focus on resolving complex customer issues. This saves the overall time, effort, and support costs.

  • Accurate Ticket Routing

    Route the incoming tickets to the right team or the support agent with the most relevant skillset. DeskXpand’s helpdesk automation comes with auto-assign capabilities that drive your tickets to the right support executive.

  • Set Ticket Properties

    DeskXpand helpdesk automation lets you set multiple ticket properties to your new tickets once they are registered. These labels can include properties like status, priority, type, etc.

  • Trigger Email Notifications

    Automate notifications for support agents whenever new tasks have been added or when they’ve crossed a deadline. You can also standardize alerts and notifications for your customers for various instances.

  • Set Priority Based on Words/Phrases

    In order to set priorities automatically, you need a mechanism to identify the important tickets. You can do this by using trigger words/phrases like “urgent,” “unhappy,” “extremely dissatisfied,” etc.

  • Deleting Tickets/Marking Them as Spam

    With the helpdesk automation functionalities, you can automate the inbox cleaning process. You can delete or send the tickets to spam with “closed” or “completed” status.

Helpdesk Automation is Perfect for

We help companies with customer support operations. That’s it. The industry, the company size; doesn’t matter!

  • Sales


    It enables a smooth communication with customers. Combines all the customer queries in a single interface from email, chats, social media, etc.

  • Support


    Enables instant, advanced, and accurate customer support that amplify the number of happy customers.

  • Marketing


    Helps manage internal campaign tasks, cross rteam communication, ticket management for incoming queries.

Ecommerce Ticketing System is Perfect for
  • HR


    It tracks, manages, and lets you respond to employee inquiries, issues, and questions from a helpdesk for seamless internal communication.

  • Operations


    Makes customer query management, project & task management, cross team communications easy with a help desk portal.

  • IT


    Enables fast query escalation by converting IT queries into tickets from any channels for improve IT support internally and externally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Help desk automation is a tool that businesses use to automate certain repetitive tasks like auto-assigning the tickets, setting the ticket priorities, triggering alerts, etc. It makes lessens the workload of the customer service team by automating certain tasks that consumed a lot of time when done manually. By using help desk automation, you can make complex tasks easier to resolve.

When it comes to customer service, help desk automation plays a vital role. It automates tasks that usually consume a lot of time. It impacts the business in more ways than you can imagine.

Here are a few impacts that an automated help desk has on your business:

  • Improve the response time
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Empowers your customer support team
  • Accurate ticket prioritization
  • Increase in service agent’s productivity
  • Boosts customer satisfaction

Help desk automation is loaded with features that make the complex process of customer service easy for customer service agents. These features save a lot of time for the agents and offer a quick solution to the customers.

Here are a few features of help desk automation:

  • Automatic ticket assignment
  • Setting up ticket prioritization
  • Triggering email notifications
  • Change the status of the tickets automatically

Discover on Your Own

Ensure that your customers receive priority resolution through helpdesk automation functionalities. Making changes to small redundant tasks will multiply into bigger results and efficiency. Sign up for a personalized demo and find out today!


I like the ease of using the DeskXpand and the social media integration. And the feedback feature that the dashboard could integrate into the website is excellent.


Xander LLC, united-states



Angeline Somers

Conquest Care and Support Agency Ltd,


DeskXpand is the best software! It is amazing and easy to use. The customer service Team are brilliant and so helpful. They are so accommodating and very flexible according to the needs of your business. I would highly recommend using them.


Lazecca Fashion,


Great app and fast support team.


Xander LLC,


I like the ease of using the DeskXpand and the social media integration. And the feedback feature that the dashboard could integrate into the website is excellent.

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