Reduce Burden and Boost IT Productivity

      Lessen your customer’s wait-time

      An IT self-service portal empowers individuals to find needed answers quickly. In addition to that, people nowadays love and expect speedy delivery of services. DeskXpand information technology portal lets you deliver just this.

      This not only saves the customer’s time but also saves the overall time of your agents. Studies show that the basic level IT problems occupy up to 40% of an IT agent’s time.

      The IT ticketing system lets you serve customers with instant answers to simple problems without having to wait for agents to respond.

      Improve your customer support with Helpdesk Software

      Information at Fingertips

      DeskXpand provides you with various customer self-help tools like a knowledge base, web-FAQs, and so on. It helps you reduce the agent workload by enabling customers to look up solutions from a well-articulated knowledge base.

      Agents can add repetitive questions to the knowledge base and save themselves from answering the same question again and again. This can be solved by implementing a well-structured knowledge base or FAQ.

      These self-service features can help customers solve their problems on their own. Having an IT self-service portal is a win-win solution since admins can now save time and support costs, while consumers find their answers faster.

      Deliver a positive consumer experience with a self-service portal.

      Ease the Ticketing Process

      DeskXpand empowers your agents to raise tickets directly from the support portal, allowing them to easily track the ticket progress.

      This feature also helps you customize your incident form so that your customers can report incidents as they occur. As an admin, you have full control over what goes into the incident form.

      This helps create a record that your agents can refer to while addressing the incident. These incidents can be imported automatically and the priorities can be assigned accordingly. You can categorize these tickets based on the urgency of the issue, and so on.

      Ensure high availability of your IT services with DeskXpand ticketing system!

      Agent Role and Privileges

      DeskXpand IT self-service portal lets you serve customers with instant answers to simple problems.

      It enables real-time collaboration and interaction between technicians and end-users. It also lets the admin manage the agent roles and responsibilities so that the work is shared equally and no employee is over-burdened.

      It also helps the admin allocate and address tickets. This makes for a smooth workflow and manages the ticket timeline as well.

      Learn more about the Agent roles

      Admin Dashboards

      Admins can manage and analyze different channel performances through a unified dashboard. From the web admin panel, admins can gather and analyze different types of customer data and metrics, in order to get insights.

      You can later evaluate your strategy using these insights to design better customer experiences. By tracking customer journeys, conversation history, preferred channels, etc. you can deliver more personalized real-time support in the future.

      You can also combine quantitative and qualitative data to understand client expectations over various channels from your products and services.

      Learn more about customer service analytics

      Customizable Domain

      DeskXpand lets you manage multiple email addresses easily in the helpdesk and reply to tickets using your company’s domain name. This way your agents can connect with your targeted audience on a personal level.

      You can scale and personalize your data on the basis of roles and preferences. It also lets your agents send personalized professional emails. Every agent can create their own signature and add it to the tickets.

      Our portal customization features let you design your portal interface identical to your website and build a cohesive brand identity. All of this without having to write a single line of code.

      Learn more about DeskXpand Customization tools

      DeskXpand IT Self-Service Portal: A Must Have

      DeskXpand saves each and every help request from becoming a string of emails. Agents no longer have to struggle to prioritize and respond to each request separately on separate platforms. DeskXpand information technology portal also offers a simple way to organize FAQs and a knowledge base that lets customers self-serve common queries. Apart from that you no longer have to use calendar reminders, sticky notes, and emails. Our IT self-service portal lets you define not only ticket order, but priority levels and resolution time requirements. It lets you track metrics like ticket volume, resolution time, customer satisfaction, and even individual performances.

      DeskXpand: Helping You Serve the Best Quality


      DeskXpand is known for its scalability. Personalize your support and configure any workflow on any channel, as and how you want. Deliver a seamless, effective, and exceptional support service experience to your customers.


      DeskXpand is a robust, secure, and flexible platform with our upcoming CRM integration. DesKXpand enterprise web portal is built on AWS and lets you seamlessly connect and understand all your customer data—wherever it lives.


      We are ISO27001 certified SMB portal experts with 14+ years of industry experience. Request a personalized demo and find out how our product can help your support staff and your customers.

      Case Study

      How Jonathan Leveraged DeskXpand Self-Help Solution and Reduced His Customer Calls by 35%.

      Jonathan is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who deals with the healthcare industry. He was thinking of coming up with a new startup to help a particular territory for medical supplies and information with a B2B and B2C model.

      Learn How DX Helped Michelle to Reduce Internal Business Costs and Improve Employee’s Productivity by 23%.

      Michelle runs an online service marketplace. She’s been running it for a year now. Her business includes providing home services in multiple categories like home cleaning, artworks, furniture supplies, etc. She came to DeskXpand, to find out more about the self-service portal.

      How DeskXpand Helped Adam to Achieve 60% Customer Satisfaction Score?

      Adam has an online eCommerce store of apparel. He had just started his journey in this space. Acknowledging the giant number of digital footfalls on his store, along with an increasing number of customer queries, he wanted a solution that helps him serve an incomparable customer service.


      Deskxpand has been very responsive and attentive to my business needs whenever I reached out to their team. Easy to work with, knowledgeable, overall a great experience.

      Scott A Precourt

      Graphics Design and Marketing

      Deskxpand is a great tool. It has several features that help the whole team get results. Through it we can synchronize our expectations of results with reality.

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