Education Support Portal for Schools and Universities

      DeskXpand For Administrative Teams

      The role of admin teams in educational institutes is crucial. There are multiple tasks to be taken care of, including but not limited to enrolling students, onboarding them, managing classes, managing infrastructure, facilities, and so on.

      Usually, during the beginning of a new session of a school or college, some administrative teams tend to have an overload of work. Handling day-to-day query is the tiring task of all. DeskXpand can help simplify your support-related tasks promptly.

      DeskXpand education support portal can save the team’s time by eliminating repetitive work. Our powerful ticketing features help you scan through every single task at hand, categorize it and keep it updated.

      Streamline your Ticketing process with DeskXpand helpdesk software

      DeskXpand for Tutors/Teachers

      Our education portal helps the teaching staff to accomplish their tasks efficiently. DeskXpand portal makes it easier for teachers to respond to their students’ queries or concerns and update them with new announcements.

      They can also easily keep a record of each query. Teachers can update all the queries through the portal and let the students know through automatic notifications.

      All the updates and reports can be auto-generated in a hassle-free manner.

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      Education Support Portal For Students

      In the age of social media, student groups are now more active than ever. Through DeskXpand students can be completely informed about all the courses they are taking, timetable, grades, progress, performance, tests, and so on.

      Students can view their test results and solve queries on their own. They can use the self-service knowledge base to do this. If the self-service doesn’t offer them the right solution, they can simply generate queries in form of tickets.

      Students can actively engage via forums and have constructive discussions around different topics of interest.

      Streamline student queries through a unified help center

      A Boon for IT Teams

      For an educational organization, be it school or college, an IT team is the backbone of the technical infrastructure. Everything from Wi-fi to computers, printers, and so on is handled and looked over by them.

      They constantly work to ensure the smooth functioning and maintenance of the IT infrastructure. When students or staff have a problem with technical equipment, it is the IT team’s responsibility to help.

      DeskXpand education portal helps IT teams report incidents from staff via emails. They can practice issue prioritization and maintain a well-organized workflow to resolve issues through the portal.

      Use DeskXpand helpdesk to simplify your IT support service

      Student Self Service Portal

      A lot of times it happens that teachers end up answering repetitive questions or the administration ends up answering repetitive queries. Some of this information can be written and presented in the form of a knowledge base.

      With DeskXpand, they can easily create a student self-service portal for students. Students can access this self-service portal at any hour, whenever they need.

      Their doubts can be resolved right when they arrive. This helps the teachers reduce the number of inquiries and repetition.

      Help students solve their queries with DeskXpand self-service portal!

      We Care for Your Security and Privacy

      On the software level, DeskXpand student self-service portal has specific features that allow administrators to control access privileges for every user. We have a dedicated team in place to uphold high standards of security.

      Our security practices are maintained and the robustness is regularly accessed. DeskXpand does not share or sell customer data to any third parties for any purpose and treats customer privacy with the highest priority.

      We care about securing your crown jewels (data) and do our best to address your customers’ data trust concerns.

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      Need of Education Support Portal

      Educational institutes are one of the businesses that require support for both sets of people i.e. internal and external. DeskXpand student self-service portal is the perfect choice to serve the queries of both internal teams and external customers. It can help you set dedicated teams to help prospective students who may have questions about a course or their application status. It helps you streamline your support process related to administrative and non-administrative tasks. It helps you manage your IT infrastructure queries needed for everyday classes. It can help administrative teams at the start of the year as that is the time when they’re usually busy. It saves all the manual paperwork and helps you automate your processes saving you a lot of time and support expenses.

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      DeskXpand school education portal is known for its scalability. Personalize your support and configure any workflow on any channel, as and how you want. Deliver a seamless, effective, and exceptional support service experience to your customers.


      DeskXpand is a robust, secure, and flexible platform with our upcoming CRM integration. DesKXpand enterprise web portal is built on AWS and lets you seamlessly connect and understand all your customer data—wherever it lives.

      You Can Count on Us

      We are ISO27001 certified school education portal experts with 14+ years of industry experience. Request a personalized demo of our school education portal and find out how our product can help your support staff and your customers.

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