Improve Customer Experience With A Quick Help Tool

Help widgets can help customers solve problems far more quickly and efficiently. Provide your customers with an easy way to reach out to solutions for their problems.

  • Help Customers Find Answers Instantly

    When customers can help themselves, things get better for everyone. Customers get answers instantly, agents receive only a few “how-to” tickets, and they get more time to help the customers that really need it. It’s a win-win situation for all. DeskXpand help widget for the website enhances this self-service experience by bringing it all together through a help widget. Connect your knowledge base and FAQs to your help widget and make solutions available instantly.

  • Serve Website Visitors in Seconds

    In case of urgent queries, if your customers are not able to find the answers from the knowledge base or FAQs, they’ll want to contact your executives right then and there. Through DeskXpand’s live chat customer service desk widget feature, your customer can start a chat instantly. All they have to do is click on the “talk to an agent” button and type in the required information needed. Instant responses ensure that your customers feel heard and improve your overall brand identity.

  • Quick Forms For Queries

    DeskXpand lets you curate a contact form with custom fields almost instantly. You can add this form to your live chat customer service widget for customers to fill out if they need to get in touch with you. Customers can get in touch with you simply by filling out this form whenever they need it. Providing this option for instant queries and resolution shows that you care for your customers’ problems and want to actively help resolve them as soon as possible.

Brand Your Help Widget

Get DeskXpand’s help widget to reflect your brand logo and theme. Be it color, text, or position of the help widget, you can customize the help widget for your website as and how you want.

  • Configure Your Theme

    Configure your help widget’s theme by adding CSS and JS to make it resemble your brand. You can add colors and text similar to your website to make it look more professional.

  • Customizable Form Fields

    Customize your form fields as you want based on the kind of information you want from your customers at the time of first contact.

  • Choose Your Help Widget’s Position

    Decide wherever you want to position your help Desk widget. Carefully choose an appropriate position that won’t spoil your user’s experience. Instead, choose a position that adds to their experience.

Enhance Your Support Reach Irrespective of the Platform

You can embed DeskXpand’s help widget to any of your website pages and get going within seconds, irrespective of the technology your website is built on.

  • Set Up Within Seconds

    Quickly set up your help widget by connecting it to your knowledge base and FAQs within minutes without any fuss. Cover the common queries in brief text and help users save time.

  • Enable It With A Simple Javascript

    Enable it with a simple Javascript or CSS to customize. Let your visitors browse FAQs right through the chat window and reach out if they have questions.

  • And Your Support Channel is Live!

    Once your support channel is live, you just have to streamline the conversations if a customer is trying to contact you. Keep a tab on the contact forms and common queries that customers browse through.

Web Help Widget is Perfect for

We help companies with customer support operations. That’s it. The industry, the company size; doesn’t matter!

  • Sales


    It enables a smooth communication with customers. Combines all the customer queries in a single interface from email, chats, social media, etc.

  • Support


    Enables instant, advanced, and accurate customer support that amplify the number of happy customers.

  • Marketing


    Helps manage internal campaign tasks, cross rteam communication, ticket management for incoming queries.

Ecommerce Ticketing System is Perfect for
  • HR


    It tracks, manages, and lets you respond to employee inquiries, issues, and questions from a helpdesk for seamless internal communication.

  • Operations


    Makes customer query management, project & task management, cross team communications easy with a help desk portal.

  • IT


    Enables fast query escalation by converting IT queries into tickets from any channels for improve IT support internally and externally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Live chat combines real-time conversations between the service agent and the customers with the added benefit of allowing them to share links, videos, crucial information, etc. It is a great option for customers who are looking for an immediate solution to their problems. With the help of a live chat help desk, the service agents can offer a customized experience to their customers.

Here are the reasons why your business needs a live chat help desk:

  • Easily accessible by the customers
  • Customers can find the solutions quickly
  • Improves the customer’s experience
  • Agents can build a rapport with their customers
  • Customers do not have to repeat the same thing again and again
  • Boosts the productivity of your customer service department

Yes, a help widget can enhance the customer experience by bringing it all together. You can integrate your knowledge base and FAQs with the help widget so that customers can find an instant solution to their problems. You can also add a contact form so that your customers do not have to go through the hassle of finding it. In case a customer is looking for a quick solution, they can start a chat via the help widget.

Yes, a live chat offers real-time communication between the service agents and the customers. It is quite similar to chatbots when it comes to offering real-time solutions. But the one way in which live chat and chatbots differ is, live chat connects the customers with a human agent to find a solution, while chatbots are computerized predefined answers to solve customer queries.

The help widget’s purpose is to offer quick solutions to customers. You can add your knowledge base, FAQs, contact form, etc. to offer a customized experience to your customers. Besides this, you can also embed the help widget wherever you want on your website. The help widget is one of the best options to allow customers to connect with the service team with ease and find a quick solution.

Discover on Your Own

Choose tech partners for your business. We are ISO27001 certified helpdesk development experts with 15+ years of industry experience. Learn more about what a help widget is, how it works and what it can do for your business. Find out how DeskXpand’s live chat customer service improves customer experience. Sign up for a free trial and find out why DeskXpand is the industry’s top choice.


I like the ease of using the DeskXpand and the social media integration. And the feedback feature that the dashboard could integrate into the website is excellent.


Xander LLC, united-states



Angeline Somers

Conquest Care and Support Agency Ltd,


DeskXpand is the best software! It is amazing and easy to use. The customer service Team are brilliant and so helpful. They are so accommodating and very flexible according to the needs of your business. I would highly recommend using them.


Lazecca Fashion,


Great app and fast support team.


Xander LLC,


I like the ease of using the DeskXpand and the social media integration. And the feedback feature that the dashboard could integrate into the website is excellent.

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