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Knowledge Base Helpdesk for SaaS: Why You Need to Prioritize It NOW
Self Service Support

Knowledge Base Helpdesk for SaaS: Why You Need to Prioritize It NOW

SaaS customer support is a complex job. See how self-service knowledge base for SaaS can streamline support.

Yesha Bhatt


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Customer support in less time for a SaaS business is an uphill climb.

Even more so because you have the business model of recurring revenue. You have to earn back the customer every time.

Whether it’s providing troubleshooting or answering a customer query, it’s a win or lose situation.

By being proactive in helping them find what they are looking for, you will likely see a spike in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

SaaS companies delivering customer support

If you are wondering what could be a solution for providing timely and quick support, knowledge base is your way to go.

Your customers can have instant answers to their queries without having to wait for a support agent.

This post covers all the aspects of how a knowledge base helpdesk can benefit your SaaS business. But first let’s have a look at some of the most basic challenges in providing customer support.

3 Main Support Problems That Your Customers Can’t Stand

There are hundreds of stats and research that agrees on how good support can lead to higher customer satisfaction rate.

But it’s easier said than done. Customer support for SaaS is a notoriously stressful job. As a SaaS company ourselves we totally get your position.

So, based on our experience and what goes on in the industry, we have identified the following problems that businesses need to handle in order to deliver excellent customer support.

Slow Response Time

Think of the last time you, as a customer, legit cursed a brand for a delayed response or delivery.

Nobody likes delayed replies.

Fast response time is directly linked with customer experience. As per CMO council, the most important attribute of a good customer experience, according to the customers’ themselves, is a fast response time.

represent 75

(Stats Source)

As far as your SaaS business is concerned, slow response time means canceled subscriptions. That’s a huge loss.

By implementing self-service knowledge base, you can reduce the response time by helping customers get instant access to answers.

Read in detail how DeskXpand’s self-service knowledge base can benefit your SaaS business!

Know more about knowledge base functionality

Being Transferred From One Agent to Another

When one representative is unable to solve a problem, they transfer the call to another agent. On your part, transferring calls is unavoidable. All you want is to help your customers find the perfect solution.

However, your customers neither know what’s going on behind the scenes nor do they care. All they want is that their problem gets solved in less time.

For a customer, the process of call transferring is super annoying. 53% of customers believe that having to explain their issue multiple times to different people leads to a poor experience.

For instance, this poor Twitter user had to wait almost an hour to get a clear answer from a bank. So much so that the users were willing to stop doing business with the bank any further.

Extremely gutted with Customer service

If your business is facing this challenge on a daily basis, knowledge base is a better solution. It not just enables self-service but also takes unnecessary load off the shoulders of your support staff.

No Clear Understanding of the Problem

Sometimes, there are chances that despite having the best technical people in your team, you may fail to understand the exact issue your customer faces.

Recently, there was this funny conversation that happened between Lenovo and a user.

The user kept throwing technical information (expertise rather) while the brand stuck to its usual automated message – ‘sorry for the trouble, send us a private message’.

Lenovo on Twitter

In order to provide correct information and fix an issue in less time, it is necessary to have a collection of resources that your customers can easily access.

Overcome potential customer support challenges by creating a knowledge base. FAQs, how-to guides, tutorials – enable better understanding of your product to help customers achieve their desired goals.

With DeskXpand, you can help your customers get instant answers to simple questions without having to wait for agents. You can add articles, create folders and categories, and easily publish them on customer portal or web portal.

To get hands-on experience of our helpdesk software, take a free trial. Explore all the features yourself!

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SaaS Knowledge Base – An Overview

A lot of people assume that knowledge base is just FAQ. Yes, FAQs are just a part of it but the knowledge base contains a lot more. It is a published collection of documentation that includes troubleshooting instructions, how-to guides, and such. The aim of each resource is to help customers find answers to their problems without asking for help.

A knowledge base can encompass many forms of content, including:

  • Frequently asked questions
  • Step-by-step process guides
  • Introductory articles
  • Video demonstrations
  • Glossaries and definition lists

Knowledge Base of Top SaaS Companies & What To Learn From Them


Asana has a knowledge base called Guide. It funnels users into 4 categories: joining a live webinar, tips on Asana, tutorials, and courses.

There are two key takeaways from Asana: video content, and user experience.

Asana has invested heavily in videos. Users can easily find their answers without having to go through heaps of content. Secondly, the section they provide for navigating offers quick links to users.


With search functionality in place, Mailchimp provides access to various guides and tutorials for customer support. On their knowledge base page, they also provide a contact form to easily get in touch with their support team.

Not just that, Mailchimp goes an extra mile for its users with a survey after each knowledge base article. Such surveys help them get a clear understanding of the benefits of each answer to a user.

Get started with a knowledge base helpdesk for SaaS today. See how DeskXpand can empower your business with a self-service knowledge base.

Here’s a glimpse of how managing knowledge base looks like on DeskXpand! The user-friendly interface eliminates unnecessary clutter, and enables a smooth process of creating, approving, and publishing knowledge base articles.

managing knowledge base

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Why Do SaaS Companies Need Knowledge Base Helpdesk

As a SaaS business, I know you are obsessed with reducing churn rate or canceled subscriptions, aren’t you?

By empowering customers with critical information as and when they need, knowledge base helps in minimizing the chances of canceling your subscription.

Explore some other advantages of having a knowledge base helpdesk for SaaS.

Shorten the Learning Path By Providing Quick Access

In order for your customer to fulfill their goals using your product, they first need to understand your product.

Knowledge base is a valuable tool that helps build that understanding.

You can create a bank of common questions and answers regarding your product, billing cycle, etc., and display them on your website.

As and when a query emerges, your customers can search through the knowledge base to find answers instantly.

This kind of a learning experience is highly beneficial especially during customer onboarding. Your customers can get a much better understanding on how to use your product.

Capitalize on Content to Carve a Prominent Position For Your Business

Over the last few years, the SaaS industry has been swiftly growing. In the competitive and crowded market, one of the best ways that you can build credibility is with a rich content strategy.

Knowledge base is a resource that will help you position your brand as an authority. It helps generate trustworthy relationships, and make you a thought leader.

A thought leader is recognized by peers, customers and industry experts as someone who deeply understands the business they are in, the needs of their customers and the broader marketplace in which they operate

Joel Kurtzman

expert on management & leadership

Knowledge base can be a stepping stone towards thought leadership. Not only should you publish user guides, and FAQs but also craft articles on industry trends, provide expert advice, etc.

Reduce Unnecessary Support Costs & Encourage Agent Productivity

As your customer base grows, it becomes imperative to have more agents assigned to handle customer queries. However, this means additional costs too.

Creating a dedicated knowledge base reduces the overall costs by encouraging self-service. Additionally, it frees your support agents from repetitive tasks.

Ensure Quick Customer Support with DeskXpand

All the covered points highlight the need and importance to have a self-service knowledge base to provide fast customer support. It helps create a win-win situation for both your customers and support agents.

One of the features of our helpdesk software that we truly swear by is the knowledge base functionality. Aimed to help businesses delight their customers, our knowledge base is all you need to provide quick and efficient support.

You can set up a knowledge base and bifurcate articles in multiple categories based on your products, services, types of customers, and such.

Not just that, you can also have more control over the publication of articles with knowledge base approvals. DeskXpand allows you to set up a streamlined approval process, and also manage different roles and permissions.

The sleek interface of our software is what makes the entire process of creating a knowledge base smooth. Easy navigation, drag and drop options – DeskXpand cuts the hassle and helps you achieve desired results.

Revolutionize customer support in your SaaS business with DeskXpand. Take a personalized demo to get an in-depth understanding of all the functionalities.

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