Fuel Teamwork and Efficiency

      Utilize a pack of powerful collaboration features that improve visibility and help your team work efficiently to provide better support experiences for the customer.

      Get Running Within Minutes

      Are your end-users keeping you on your toes? With DeskXpand support ticket software, you can get up and running within minutes.

      Quick setup

      DeskXpand’s customer service ticketing software setup is designed to get you up and running within minutes across all channels.

      Simple and Intuitive UI

      Our support ticket software has a simple and intuitive user interface that helps you improve customer interaction.

      Flexible Customization

      Customize your support ticket software fully to make it a cohesive experience and reinforce the support software as a part of your brand.

      Support Ticket Software for all Business Sizes

      Whether you are a small scale business or a large scale enterprise, our customer service ticketing software is fit for all.

      Measure Your Support

      With DeskXpand email ticketing system, measure your support analytics and carry out a range of productivity hacks for your team.

      Use the Right Support Desk Software Tools

      Use the right tools, and be available all the time and make sure that you don’t leave your customers hanging. Boost your company revenue through our efficient solution.

      • Seamless Ticketing Distribution

        Automatically capture and log all incoming tickets and auto-distribute each ticket to a specific agent with our support ticket software.

      • Improve Collaboration

        Leverage the power of powerful collaboration features and unite your teams and channels to work together to provide better support experiences.

      • Customer Self-Service

        Expand your team’s capacity through proper and seamless workflow with our customer self – service feature.

      • Unified Solution

        No more juggling between various platforms, passwords and tools. Streamline multiple communication channels like Email, self-service and many more in one place.

      • Enhance CX with Analytics

        Gather and analyze support data and metrics, in order to get valuable insights and evaluate your strategy to design better customer experiences.

      Provide Exceptional Customer Support

      DeskXpand support desk software not only helps you boost your revenue but also create incomparable customer experiences and also improve your brand recognition.

      Take Full Control

      Take full control of your support desk software by managing and analyzing different channel performances through a unified dashboard.

      Build For You

      Fully customize your support desk software to make it a cohesive experience and reinforce the support software as a part of your brand.

      Alerts and Notifications

      Set visual alerts and notifications to ensure the timeline of the ticket and that the problematic tickets get more attention.

      Consistent Customer Experience

      Our support desk software offers features that bring standardization to the processes with the help of workflows.

      Occasional Customer Response

      Make sure that your customers get a reply even on holidays. Send automatic response emails to your customers if they reach out to you on holidays or weekends to inform of your unavailability and inform them of when they can expect an answer.

      Customer Service Ticketing Software

      Enforce the best practices for all ticket workflows and processes with automation. Minimize the downtime for your end-users by timely ticket resolution and optimize your customer support.

      Ticket Import and Assignment

      Automatically capture and log all incoming tickets and assign each ticket to agents.

      Task Notifications

      Notify the support agent or technician automatically that a new task has been assigned. Send a standardized alert or notification to the end-customer.

      Ticket Collaboration

      Enable effortless collaboration and let your agents involve other team members, transfer tickets, or request information within the support thread.

      Admin Dashboard

      Admin can control all the channels, workflows, and operations from one unified dashboard through our email ticketing system.

      Private Note

      Let your agents add private notes while transferring the ticket to another agent or escalating them to higher authorities.

      Customer Retention Through Effective Collaboration

      Collaboration is an integral part of the support ticket software and saves inquiries from falling through the crack. DeskXpand support desk software helps you get everyone involved.

      Effective Communication Within Team

      Enable open and effective communication across teams and within agents of the same teams with support ticket software.

      Team Management Made Easy

      Admin can manage teams and analyze various channel performances through a unified dashboard.

      Multi-Channel Support

      Provide adequate service to all customers by leveraging multi-channel support and interact with your customers in numerous ways.

      Minimum Physical Interaction

      Reduce the physical interaction with the support agents and technical staff and limit it to just the complex and unusual tickets.

      Maintain Your Brand Visibility

      Faster response time, effective query resolution and 24*7 support availability ensures customer loyalty which greatly contributes to your brand visibility.

      Enable Your Support Globally

      Build your brand identity globally by enabling self-service, automated mails, notifications and so on for your customers.

      Minimize the wait time

      Wait time is a major flaw of traditional customer service. Minimize the wait time for customers with our support ticket software.

      Round the Clock Support

      Improve visibility and cater to your customers 24*7 using customer service ticketing software.

      Custom Portal Development Company

      Choose the right support ticket software and work with the right support desk software company. We are ISO27001 certified support desk software development experts with 14+ years of industry experience. Request a personalized demo and find out how our product can help you delight your support staff and your customers.

      Case Study

      How Jonathan Leveraged DeskXpand Self-Help Solution and Reduced His Customer Calls by 35%.

      Jonathan is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who deals with the healthcare industry. He was thinking of coming up with a new startup to help a particular territory for medical supplies and information with a B2B and B2C model.

      Learn How DX Helped Michelle to Reduce Internal Business Costs and Improve Employee’s Productivity by 23%.

      Michelle runs an online service marketplace. She’s been running it for a year now. Her business includes providing home services in multiple categories like home cleaning, artworks, furniture supplies, etc. She came to DeskXpand, to find out more about the self-service portal.

      How DeskXpand Helped Adam to Achieve 60% Customer Satisfaction Score?

      Adam has an online eCommerce store of apparel. He had just started his journey in this space. Acknowledging the giant number of digital footfalls on his store, along with an increasing number of customer queries, he wanted a solution that helps him serve an incomparable customer service.


      Deskxpand has been very responsive and attentive to my business needs whenever I reached out to their team. Easy to work with, knowledgeable, overall a great experience.

      Scott A Precourt

      Graphics Design and Marketing

      Deskxpand is a great tool. It has several features that help the whole team get results. Through it we can synchronize our expectations of results with reality.

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