A Thorough Review Mechanism

DeskXpand's knowledge base approval functionalities allow support departments to create (and maintain) an errorless knowledge base consistently.

Manage Different Roles and Permissions

DeskXpand allows every agent to draft the knowledge base articles. However, admin can define particular roles for approvers and publishers so that only limited agents can perform this action.

Maintain Consistency

Make your article go into the review stage before publishing. Making your articles go through an approval process will ensure consistent content throughout the knowledge base.

Approval Process

When the article is in the approval process, the reviewer can review it and decide to either approve or reject it. If they reject it, the agent who wrote the article can make necessary changes and send it back to the reviewing process.

Review The Articles

When an article is in the review state, only users included in the approvals-related list can modify the article. If the reviewer approves it, the article will be published by the agent who submitted it or a specific agent who's assigned all the publishing tasks.

Approve and Publish

Once the reviewer has approved an article, the agent reviewing it can publish it right away according to the set roles and permission.

A Thorough Review Mechanism

Discover on Your Own

Every helpdesk needs to have knowledge base approval workflows in order to serve a consistent self-service experience to your customers. Besides this, it brings accountability to the team and saves you from creating inaccurate articles. If you are looking for a new, affordable way to boost your team's productivity and customer satisfaction ratings, give DeskXpand a try. We are ISO27001 certified helpdesk development experts with 15+ years of industry experience. Interested in seeing what DeskXpand can do for you? Sign up for a free trial and see for yourself.

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