Simplified Email Helpdesk for All Businesses

      Make your brand voice visible at every touchpoint with DeskXpand email. Whether you are a small scale business or a large scale enterprise, DeskXpand email ticketing system is a fit-for-all helpdesk.

      Email Ticketing System Features

      Deliver a cohesive, flexible, and integrated customer experience and achieve complete visibility through DeskXpand email ticketing system.

      Easy Set-Up

      DeskXpand email ticketing system is easy to configure. You can set up workflow within minutes.

      Simple and Intuitive UI

      It has a simple and intuitive user interface that helps you improve customer interaction.

      Automated Email Support

      Automate the support workflows and get rid of manual tasks like ticket import, ticket assignment, ticket routing, response emails to customers, and so on.

      Strengthen Customer Relationship

      Send customized messages requesting customers to rate their experiences after resolving their tickets to better evaluate your staff and fine-tune the service.

      Measure Your Support

      With DeskXpand email ticketing system, measure your support analytics and carry out a range of productivity hacks for your team.

      Non-Chaotic Email Management

      Scale up your support with a collaborative email ticketing system. DeskXpand offers a non-chaotic ticket management system between team members.

      • Auto-Identify Existing Tickets

        For every incoming ticket, DeskXpand automatically identifies if the email thread is a reply to an already existing ticket or not. If not, a new ticket will be generated.

      • Automatic Ticket Conversion

        Do not miss even a single customer query. Make sure that all customer emails get converted into tickets in the helpdesk software automatically.

      • Ticket Auto-assignment

        No more sorting through the pile of tickets manually. DeskXpand email ticketing system lets you do this automatically by simply designing ticket assignment rules.

      • Set Ticket Distribution Rules

        Select how you want to distribute the tickets. You can assign them equally to all your agents or can carry out distribution.

      • Ticket Lifecycle Tracking

        Keep track of the deadlines by tracking ticket lifecycle based on elapsed time, request categories, minimum response time, and so on.

      Better Emailing with DeskXpand

      Improve customer experiences through multiple emailing attributes like unified interface, knowledge base, organized workflow, and so on.

      Customer Knowledge Base

      Build and maintain a consistent knowledge base to provide instantaneous answers to common customer questions

      Unified Interface

      No more juggling between various platforms, passwords, and tools. Streamline multiple tools from one unified interface.

      Highly Organized Workflows

      Create target based organized workflows for all stages including email inflow, ticket assignment, response time, ticket closing time, and so on.

      Shared Ownership

      Ensure inter-team collaboration by enabling multiple teams to work on an issue parallelly.

      Customer History

      DeskXpand email helpdesk lets you view the entire customer history. You can view previous tickets, queries, and chats with the customers.

      Optimize Your Email Helpdesk

      Enforce the best practices for all workflows through automation. Minimize the downtime for your end-users by timely ticket resolution and optimize your email helpdesk.

      Faster Email Responses

      Ensure faster email reply with better responses. Agents can always access past interactions with any customer on any channel from a single, unified customer database.

      More Control Over Replies

      Take full control over the replies sent. Customize your emails and templates based on your brand theme.

      Improve Overall Support Quality

      Faster and more accurate resolutions, coupled with fewer interactions with support staff, results in higher customer satisfaction and better support quality.

      Admin Dashboard

      Admin can control all the channels, workflows, and operations from one unified dashboard through our email ticketing system.

      Private Note

      Let your agents add private notes while transferring the ticket to another agent or escalating them to higher authorities.

      Email Customer Service Management

      Reduce miscommunication and improve customer experience through faster processes, reduced cost, efficient workflows.

      Faster Processes

      Reduce the resolution time through automation. If the time of each process is reduced, the overall time of the workflow reduces.

      Alerts and Notifications

      Set visual alerts and notifications to ensure the ticket timeline and make sure that the problematic tickets get more attention.

      Reduced Cost

      Shorter time per ticket means smaller IT staff requirements. Hence, it brings down the overall cost incurred per ticket.

      Occasional Customer Response

      Make sure that your customers get a reply even on holidays. Send automatic response emails to your customers if they reach out to you on holidays or weekends to explain your unavailability. You can also mention when they can expect a response from you next.

      Increase Your Brand Awareness

      Improve your brand recognition and build customer visibility by leveraging the exhaustive features of DeskXpand email ticketing system.

      Consistent User Experience

      Our email ticketing system offers automation features that bring standardization to the processes with the help of workflows.

      Retain Brand Identity

      Customize each and every inch of your customer portal and reflect your brand’s theme. Personalize everything from designs, email templates, and responses as well.

      Enable Your Support Globally

      Build your brand identity globally by enabling self-service, automated emails, notifications, and so on for your customers.

      Email Helpdesk Development Company

      Choose the right email helpdesk portal and work with the right email ticketing system development company. We are ISO27001 certified email ticketing system development experts with 14+ years of industry experience. Request a personalized demo and find out how our product can help you delight your support staff and your customers.

      Case Study

      How Jonathan Leveraged DeskXpand Self-Help Solution and Reduced His Customer Calls by 35%.

      Jonathan is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who deals with the healthcare industry. He was thinking of coming up with a new startup to help a particular territory for medical supplies and information with a B2B and B2C model.

      Learn How DX Helped Michelle to Reduce Internal Business Costs and Improve Employee’s Productivity by 23%.

      Michelle runs an online service marketplace. She’s been running it for a year now. Her business includes providing home services in multiple categories like home cleaning, artworks, furniture supplies, etc. She came to DeskXpand, to find out more about the self-service portal.

      How DeskXpand Helped Adam to Achieve 60% Customer Satisfaction Score?

      Adam has an online eCommerce store of apparel. He had just started his journey in this space. Acknowledging the giant number of digital footfalls on his store, along with an increasing number of customer queries, he wanted a solution that helps him serve an incomparable customer service.


      Deskxpand has been very responsive and attentive to my business needs whenever I reached out to their team. Easy to work with, knowledgeable, overall a great experience.

      Scott A Precourt

      Graphics Design and Marketing

      Deskxpand is a great tool. It has several features that help the whole team get results. Through it we can synchronize our expectations of results with reality.

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