Personalize Your Support Experience

      Make your brand voice heard at every touchpoint of your support portal, through DeskXpand portal customization.

      Self - Configurable Custom Web Portal

      DeskXpand’s portal customization software is easy to configure, set up and get started with. You can do all this within minutes and without writing a single line of code.

      Custom Domain

      Easily set up a custom domain for your portal. Personalize your support portal to reflect your website, hosted at a support URL of your choice.

      Access Management via Custom Roles

      Manage selective permissions and decide what each agent on your team can and cannot see in the helpdesk.

      Tailor Roles Based on Expertise

      Configure your custom web portal such that your agents assigned to community forums can see only the forums while your social media team focuses on tweets and messages.

      Custom Fields

      DeskXpand custom web portal allows you to create custom fields of registration for your self-registered guests. This way you can extract information specific to your needs.

      Custom Themes

      Our portal customization features are designed in a way that you can personalize endlessly to maintain the overall theme of your company.

      Take Control of Your Web Portal

      Style your reports, portal text, ticket status, emails and present your custom web portal data within minutes using our portal customization features.

      • Reports

        DeskXpand portal customization allows you to view your reports and analyze, monitor and act based on what your customers need.

      • Email Templates

        DeskXpand portal customization allows you to even customize your email templates and give it a personal touch.

      • Personalized Knowledge Base

        Create, manage, and optimize your knowledge base articles to give it your brand identity with DeskXpand portal personalized knowledge base.

      • Customizable Ticket Status

        Set custom ticket statuses and unique stages for the overall ticket lifecycle. Manage these workflows and make sure of a smooth support flow.

      • Personalized Touch with Custom Domain

        Manage multiple email addresses easily in the helpdesk and reply to tickets using your company’s domain name.

      Flexible Portal Customization

      Make the support lifecycle visual and effective for the agents by customizing it. This also helps in creating a unique identity.

      Customized Workflow

      DeskXpand offers portal customization that lets admin decide the workflow for their support queries as they want.

      Page-level Customization

      Not only can you customize the overall theme of your custom web portal but you can ensure customization that varies from page to page.

      Custom CSS

      DeskXpand portal customization lets you enter CSS files for styling your custom web portals. This helps you in maintaining your brand style identical to your website.

      Make it Draggable

      Personalize your custom web portal by simply dragging and dropping templates, layouts and so on.

      Multi-Product Support

      DeskXpand custom web portal lets you provide support for multiple products from a single helpdesk system with separate portals.

      Personalized Ticketing System

      DeskXpand’s custom web portal not only helps you create customized flexibility, but this personalized support tailored specifically to customer needs also improves your brand recognition and customer loyalty.

      Ticket Lifecycle

      DeskXpand custom web portal lets you provide visibility and transparency to your customer regarding the ticket tasks, resolution stages, and their query status.

      Personalized Communication

      Keep support communication as personalized as possible and improve your brand value. With DeskXpand you can configure individual email addresses and sender’s names in your email.

      Centralized Solution for all Your Brands

      You can manage support for multiple product groups through a single DeskXpand account. Each of these groups can have its mailboxes, portals, and designs.

      Web Forms

      Embed your website with web forms that are ready to create and deploy. This will help you reduce the need for customers to contact the support center every time they have an issue.


      Specifically, ask for information you need from customers while raising a ticket. Layouts make it possible for each department to have its own set of custom fields, and even a different set of values for the same field.

      Custom Web Portal

      Connecting with your targeted audience on a personal level is important. With DeskXpand’s custom web portal you can customize small details simply using a drag and drop canvas.

      Custom Request Templates

      Build custom, user-friendly incident and service request templates with a simple drag-and-drop canvas.

      Capture Right Data from End-Users

      Collect relevant information to implement condition-based actions driven by user input to make your forms dynamic. Use custom additional fields including pick-list, drop-down, date, and so on.

      Rebrand Your Image

      Your portal is the reflection of your brand. Get DeskXpand portal customization to reflect your company’s style.

      Customized Signatures

      Let your agents send personalized professional emails. Every agent can create their signature and add it to the tickets.

      Maintain Your Brand Visibility

      Paint colors of your choice, style it accordingly and have the portal reflect your brand's theme. This provides a cohesive experience for your agents as well as customers.

      Retain Brand Identity

      When you personalize every inch of your portal to reflect your website theme, it contributes to improving your brand identity.

      Customized Signatures

      Build your brand identity globally by enabling automated emails, notifications, and so on for your customers.

      24*7 Customized Support

      DeskXpand custom web portal lets you provide a responsive and simplified support experience to your customers in a personalized manner around the clock.

      Custom Portal Development Company

      Choose the right custom web portal and work with the right custom portal development company. We are ISO27001 certified custom portal development experts with 14+ years of industry experience. Request a personalized demo and find out how our product can help you delight your support staff and your customers.

      Case Study

      How Jonathan Leveraged DeskXpand Self-Help Solution and Reduced His Customer Calls by 35%.

      Jonathan is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who deals with the healthcare industry. He was thinking of coming up with a new startup to help a particular territory for medical supplies and information with a B2B and B2C model.

      Learn How DX Helped Michelle to Reduce Internal Business Costs and Improve Employee’s Productivity by 23%.

      Michelle runs an online service marketplace. She’s been running it for a year now. Her business includes providing home services in multiple categories like home cleaning, artworks, furniture supplies, etc. She came to DeskXpand, to find out more about the self-service portal.

      How DeskXpand Helped Adam to Achieve 60% Customer Satisfaction Score?

      Adam has an online eCommerce store of apparel. He had just started his journey in this space. Acknowledging the giant number of digital footfalls on his store, along with an increasing number of customer queries, he wanted a solution that helps him serve an incomparable customer service.


      Deskxpand has been very responsive and attentive to my business needs whenever I reached out to their team. Easy to work with, knowledgeable, overall a great experience.

      Scott A Precourt

      Graphics Design and Marketing

      Deskxpand is a great tool. It has several features that help the whole team get results. Through it we can synchronize our expectations of results with reality.

      Analista de Sistemas