Multi-brand Help Desks and Its Benefits
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Multi-brand Help Desks and Its Benefits

Know-hows of multi-brand help desks and how it benefits every organization that seeks expansion and long-run scalability for multiple brands and products.

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No matter how many different help desks a company might need to manage, they usually all share one vital requirement: excellent customer support!

Let’s say your organization recently acquired a new company. Maybe your business came up with a child branch or a new brand/product. As your organization’s support manager/admin, your job is to manage multiple businesses/branches under one umbrella brand. You will need a common place to run your support from and yet will need to address each brand separately to gain a competitive advantage.

Nothing can set you apart from the competition more, than serving a personalized experience.

You will need support strategies that unite all your brands and let you serve a personalized experience to the customers.

Using different help desks for each brand sounds like the right solution, doesn’t it? But is it cost-effective? You cannot ignore the fact that looking after several brands, products, or audiences using multiple help desks is massively costly. Besides, companies will need multiple support agents to work on these help desks, which further increases the support costs. And it gets difficult for teams to operate through multiple tools.

What if I tell you that with a multi-brand help desk, you can have a standard support center and yet serve a personalized experience!

Yes, DeskXpand multi-brand help desk software makes this possible!

A multi-brand help desk is an absolute lifesaver. Not only is it cost-effective, but it also streamlines your support and saves time and effort. A multi-brand help desk is an invaluable asset for organizations of all sizes. In this article, I’ll walk you through the know-hows of a multi-brand help desk, its benefits, and how it can fit into your business niche.

What is a Multi-brand Help Desk?

A multi-brand help desk lets you operate more than one support portal in a single help desk deployment. It means you can offer unique branding and unique customer support for each brand/product/service—everything from a single place!

A multi-brand help desk usually benefits every industry that plans on scaling up in the future. Using the same support software and staff while retaining control over workflows is a big plus for most organizations.

What Organizations Need Multi-brand Help Desks

Companies across the world have a considerable appetite to provide customized support to different customer segments. Everyone from startups, SMBs to large-scale enterprises benefit from a multi-brand help desk.

Startups can always lead in serving personalized support to customers. As businesses expand, they need to offer high-intensity products to build invaluable customer support and retain more customers. Here are some industry-specific use-cases of multi-brand help desk that offers tremendous value:

  • Internal IT support
  • Ecommerce customer support
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Industries with multiple audience segments.
  • Businesses with multiple products in multiple niches
  • Businesses with multiple brands from the same organization

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Advantages of a Multi-Brand Help Desk

Imagine a scenario where your company branches out into another product line or brand. You need to maintain the identity of all these product lines in a unique way. Or worse, you need to build a separate brand identity for the brands from scratch. A multi-brand help-desk will benefit you in multiple ways:

1. A Centralized Support for Each Brand

Centralization is the most apparent advantage of a multi-brand help desk. It will streamline various platforms as you branch out into new verticals and brand environments. The ease of introduction, ease of use, and ease of management are simply unbeatable. Having a central help desk that covers every brand is crucial to its value proposition.

2. Build Unique Identity for Every Brand

With a multi-brand help desk, you can build your own brand identity for every branch under your organization. The support portal will have its own name, functions, and even a unique UI and UX. You can customize the portal as per the brand’s customers and the nuances that each journey brings. This way, you can maintain the visual identities too.

3. Database-level Data Isolation for Each Brand

A multi-brand help desk also extends its benefits to the back-end. It is not just the customer-facing interface that makes each brand unique. With a multi-brand help desk, you can have distinct databases too. No data-mix ups and no data-related confusion mean adequate support.

4. Scale Independently

You might have one branch of your business already reaching high-end maturity, while the other one is still in the growth phase. Naturally, the same software won’t apply to both situations. A multi-brand help desk can help you scale independently and according to your customer base (and their needs.) As new brands and products get added to your company’s portfolio, you can branch out rather than starting from scratch.

5. Accessibility and Security

With multiple people working at the support end, you might want to maintain your valuable customer and support data. The right multi-brand help desk allows you to set up and restrict your support staff based on their roles. You can restrict access to sensitive information.

6. Individual SLAs for Each Brand

One standard method of support necessarily won’t fit every brand/branch of your business. They may operate in multiple time zones, under different business hours, etc. Besides, each of the brands may need different service level agreements to adhere to. Select a help desk that accounts for these differences and lets you set different SLAs.

7. Customized Ticketing to Fit Specific Customer Needs

If your brands were all meant to look the same, you wouldn’t have to build out and maintain separate identities. A multi-brand help desk enables you to answer the tickets with the correct outgoing mail. It is set up in a central system but separated by brand. Maintain your image of strong individual brands even though it is centralized in the back end.

8. Significant Cost Savings

Last but not the least, do not underestimate the costs you can save by using one help desk for multiple brands. It can positively impact your support budget.

Take Care of All Brands Under Your Corporate Umbrella Equally with DeskXpand

In short, a multi-brand help desk enables you to personalize the customer experience from a centralized management perspective. Some long-term benefits include authentic CX, customer retention, and lower maintenance costs. Of course, you need an ideal multi-product help desk to make that happen for your business.

We are ISO27001 certified IT ticketing software development experts with 14+ years of industry experience. We aim to help companies achieve complete visibility and attain a high-resolution rate through our extensive solutions. Check out DeskXpand multi-product help desk and see how it fits your business.

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