Everything You Need To Know About HR Ticketing System
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Everything You Need To Know About HR Ticketing System

Read along to find out how the HR ticketing system is an ideal solution to the growing list of responsibilities of HR departments.

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Conventionally, HR helpdesk ticketing systems are used to track and manage employee inquiries, issues, and questions by the HR departments of companies.

From the recruitment processes and managing company benefits to handling day-to-day challenges like managing compliance with various regulations (international and state), the job of HR is a busy one. HR teams are responsible for critical initiatives. They are always busy answering queries and doing administrative work. They hardly have the time to attend to everyday questions and queries.

HR teams are responsible for many critical business initiatives but don’t devote time to them. Why? They’re too busy answering one-off queries and doing administrative work. Ticketing systems help reduce the amount of time human resources teams spend on these administrative tasks.

Employees who use the correct ticketing system devote up to five hours more a week to training, hiring, and strategizing. IT teams and customer support teams also use ticketing systems. However, HR departments do not see them as a solution to their growing list of responsibilities. But, an online HR ticketing tool is one of the most beneficial aspects of running a business. And this is what we’re going to discuss in this article. Here’s a brief:

What is HR Helpdesk Software?

An HR ticketing system is a platform that works as a central source of information for all the employees of an organization. Employees can get their HR-related queries resolved through this system. HR helpdesk software offers multiple solutions like query management, self-service, and so on. This ultimately frees a considerable amount of time and effort for the HR agents.

How Does an HR Ticketing System Work?


The HR department of companies is tasked with critical managerial tasks. Some of them include:

  • Ensure that the organization complies with standard processes
  • Maximizing employee value to drive more results
  • Administrative tasks like recruitment, onboarding, and training
  • Resolving employees’ day-to-day queries

An HR helpdesk software brings together the entire internal HR queries across channels on a single interface. This empowers the HR reps as they can manage everything from a consolidated interface. Another critical feature of such HR helpdesk software is that they streamline the entire ticketing system workflow. This helps the HR manager to divide resources accordingly and enhance efficiency in the process.

HR teams can accept, register, remove, manage, and respond to employees’ queries in an organized manner. It can have features like SLA management, knowledge base, self-service, data management, reporting, analytics, reporting, etc.

What is payroll software?

Payroll software is a sort of computer application that assists organizations in managing employee payroll operations. It usually contains functions for recording employee hours, computing taxes and deductions, creating paychecks, and keeping employee records. Payroll software may automate many of the time-consuming and repetitive procedures connected with payroll administration, saving organizations both time and money. Furthermore, payroll software may assist in ensuring compliance with tax rules and regulations, lowering the chance of mistakes and fines. Some payroll software alternatives may interact with other HR and accounting systems to help you run your company more efficiently.

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Use Cases of HR Helpdesk Software

While an HR helpdesk can help manage employee requests, that is just one facet of it. They can also be used to organize and streamline the hiring process and pull high-level insights about employee satisfaction. The software helps in resolving ticketing issues, as same as the customer ticketing system. But you can limit it to just your employees instead of a wide range of customers. Here are a few use cases:

1. Hiring and Onboarding

HR ticketing system makes the recruitment process incredibly simple by keeping all the information in a central location. It can also be used at the time of recruitment interviews. The interviewer can keep notes from the interviews and store the candidate’s interactions with the company.

The interviewers can share notes about the candidates and leave comments or feedback. HR helpdesk software can turn to hire tasks into tickets automatically. This is to ensure that your hiring team won’t forget to document every step of the recruitment process.

Once you’ve hired applicants, you’ll want to make sure that they have smooth onboarding. With an HR helpdesk, you can develop a clear and structured onboarding program for new members.

For this particular task, the self-service option can greatly benefit your employees and HR reps. It can help newly hired employees find the information they need about the company (like benefits, holidays, payroll, etc.) Helpdesks can also improve the speed of the onboarding process.

2. Ticket Resolution

Trying to respond to employee tickets without an HR helpdesk is much more chaotic than it seems. Even if an HR team member is a meticulous note-taker or a spreadsheet wizard, it is easy to get lost in the puddle of information. Also, human errors are unavoidable.

You can make it simple for your HR team by using an HR ticketing system. This software can be used to create tasks, alerts, notifications, requests, and so on. It can also be used to manage and assign various tasks to specific employees and categorize requests by type and urgency.

Helpdesks can reduce the number of tickets significantly by using a knowledge base. If employees can find answers to basic, straightforward questions on the knowledge base, they wouldn’t need to submit a ticket. This effectively empowers employees to solve their problems instead of relying on the HR department.

3. Identifying Patterns

HR workers are often flooded with emails and messages from employees who need help. And it is easier and more helpful to house all the data in a helpdesk at a central location. Having all the information in one place will allow HR leaders to analyze trends, identify roadblocks and boost efficiency.

For example, if you find out that most employees find it hard to request a leave from the software, your team can proactively arrange a session for the employees and add the same question to your knowledge base. HR departments can also use an HR helpdesk to track if employees are satisfied with the efficiency of responses or not.

How to Manage HR Help desk Effectively?

Make Information Easily Available for Employees

Your employers might have hundreds of questions every day, and you might not be able to answer each and every question. Just think about it, if your company has 100 employees and each has two questions, then you have to answer 200 questions daily. It seems next to impossible. To tackle such situations, self-service options like a knowledge base and FAQs can help you a lot. Your employees can visit them in order to find the answer to their questions. This way, you can reduce your workload a little.

Make Use of Web Forms

The HR department has to manage every other department of the company, from new recruits to the ones who have been in the company for ages. It does not matter what the designation or experience of the employee is; they have to treat everyone equally. That is why it is important that they come up with a solution that helps the employees to reach out to the HR department effectively. Web forms are one such solution. These forms can be created for various different reasons, such as,

  • For new recruits
  • For feedbacks
  • For employees to reach out easily
  • For complaints

Take Feedback from Your Employees

As I mentioned earlier HR department looks after every other department of the company, it becomes necessary to know about the feedback of each and every employee. But it would get a bit hectic if done manually. Imagine visiting everyone’s desk and asking for their feedback. I know it’s exhausting, but instead, with the help of the HR ticketing system, you can send surveys to the employees and ask them to fill them out. This way, the exhausting and time-consuming task of taking feedback can get easy. With this valuable feedback from your employees, you can work on the areas that need improvement.

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Need and Benefits of an HR Ticketing System

HR departments spend large amounts of hours dealing with administrative work that is secondary at best to their actual job. This time can be reduced by using an HR ticketing system. Besides, there are a lot of common issues that don’t need to be answered individually. It would be a waste of time for everyone involved, especially the HR reps.

Hence HR management software or an HR ticketing system can take care of that problem. The software can frequently eliminate the need for the HR department to address the same issues repeatedly. Here are some benefits of the HR ticketing system:

1. Improves Employee Experience     

Maintaining high employee satisfaction is an essential goal of the human resources department. It isn’t always easy to do, but efficient software can improve the overall employee experience. However, the interface should be user-friendly, i.e., it should be easily accessible to all employees and must be easy to use. This also improves the reputation of the HR department and, eventually, the company.

2. Boosts Productivity and Organization

The biggest trouble for HR departments is the disorganization of the processes. HR management software can handle all the repetitive tasks and can save time. This means that the productivity of your HR reps will also improve.

3. Increasing Knowledge Base

One of the significant advantages of using HR Helpdesk software is building a constantly growing and comprehensive knowledge base. Some HR management software can automatically convert common requests and their answers into knowledge-based articles.

4. Improves Privacy and Confidentiality

Companies have a legal obligation to protect employee information. The data segregation techniques in most helpdesks help you keep HR requests private. Given the sensitive nature of HR dealings, this will most certainly come in handy at some point.

5. Remote Optimization

With the staff and employees working from home, HR’s job has become more difficult lately. An HR management tool or software prevents this from happening. Even with time differences, employees will be able to get the information they need quickly.

6. Efficient Onboarding 

New recruits might not be able to adapt easily to the new atmosphere of the company. There must be a simple process in place that the new recruits can follow in order to get them started. In such situations, the HR departments can make use of the HR help desk software to make them aware of the culture of the company, their roles and responsibility, the company policies, etc. This way, the HR department can make sure that the onboarding process gets easy for the new recruits.                                                

7. A Portal for Addressing Employee Issues                                                               

Create a portal that can help employees connect directly with the HR department. A portal that helps the HR department to focus solely on solving the issues of the employees. For example, if an employee is facing issues related to salary, then he/she can use this portal to reach out to HR and ask them for a solution.

Features of an Ideal HR Helpdesk Software

Forrester’s Principal Analyst Paul Hamerman says:

Employees won’t use [an HR tool] if it’s a typical in-house intranet and not user-friendly. The user experience has to be engaging.


This is true ideally for all technological systems. And it is valid for HR helpdesk software. A good user experience should be the top priority of the company. A good user experience is not only for employees but also for the HR reps.

They’ll only use the helpdesk tools if it is any better than the manual processes. If they find it hard to use, they’d instead stick to the manual approach. This is precisely why it is important to choose the HR ticketing system or helpdesk wisely. Here’s an extensive list of the features that an HR ticketing system must have:

1. Ticket Import and Assignment

Ticket import and ticket assignment are the most basic features of HR management software. These features ensure that no query is missed and the right person solves the right query according to their expertise.

2. Shared Inbox
A shared inbox is a simple, easy-to-use, intuitive, and integrated feature for managing all support tickets. It also lets you manage multiple queries from multiple employees at the same time from a single place.

3. Omnichannel

Omnichannel Support

Omnichannel means providing multiple options of communication at the user end. However, at the support end or the HR end, everything can be managed through a single touchpoint. You can have this feature if you want to provide multiple mediums of communication to the employees (like phone calls, messages, emails, and so on)

4. SLA Agreements

SLA agreements let you configure various timers to measure your ticket’s time in each stage of your workflow. Pick an HR ticketing system where SLAs and escalation rules can be set up and modified based on your real-world performance. This may include setting up practical due dates, response time, routing workflows, and so on.

5. Employee Knowledge Base

A self-service feature is a necessity and not an option. A self-service knowledge base relieves your agents from answering the same queries again and again.

6. Automated Ticketing Features

Automate processes like workflows, ticket import and assignment, service level agreements, ticket status updating, notifications, customer escalations, and more. See if your HR ticketing system provides this or not.

7. Chat Within the Ticket

While selecting an HR ticketing system, look for features that let your HRs comment or chat within the tickets. This is important when a junior HR needs to pass the issue to their seniors. This way, the transition from one HR to another becomes simpler.

8. Collision Detection

Collision detection enables HRs to view if someone else is replying or working on the same ticket. This saves potential collisions and eases the overall workflow. HRs can also merge similar tickets to minimize redundant efforts.

9. Reporting and Analytics

Helpdesk Reports

With various data metrics, let your HRs gain actionable insights and get a complete view of your support performance. You can evaluate your strategies by measuring the trends, roadblocks, and opportunities.

DeskXpand: Feature Analysis

DeskXpand HR helpdesk provides built-in and extensive ticketing functionalities to empower companies and their HR departments to manage internal queries and workflows. The HR ticketing system has the potential to make your HR teams more efficient and effective. Here’s a feature analysis in brief:

  • DeskXpand’s extensive ticketing features will let you sort, filter, and group incoming queries for quick and easy access to the information. All this can be done from within the system.
  • Our ticket automation features work wonders for companies with medium to large employee requests. Imagine the amount of time you could save if you have a system where tickets are assigned automatically based on various parameters. It prevents a lot of manual work and saves time.
  • DeskXpand brings together a unified interface for you. It helps you solve employee queries while viewing everything from one place. A unified dashboard can help you guide your team and operations.
  • Analyze and improve with DeskXpand HR helpdesk software. It helps you measure your team performance and analyze the areas of improvement to better employee resolution.
  • Implement a resourceful and extensive knowledge base and let your employees help themselves and resolve minor issues independently.
  • Appropriate internal documentation helps in boosting productivity for your HR teams.

We are an ISO27001-certified HR ticketing system development company with 14+ years of experience. Empower your HR teams and give them the power to streamline operations for happy, engaged employees.

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