Ticketing System for Events: Benefits and Use-Cases

Ticketing System for Events: Benefits and Use-Cases

A consolidated list of everything you need to look for in an event ticket software. Also, get insights on relevant use cases and benefits of ticketing systems for events.

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Event management businesses can make use of well-structured ticketing software to quickly and conveniently manage their business. Usually, they spend a lot of time doing tasks manually that can be done automatically if they use event ticketing software. If you’ve ever tried to handle registrations through spreadsheets or email, you know how tiring and time-consuming it can be.

Since its inception, event ticketing has come a long way. It started as a simple monitoring and managing minor events and their audience (such as theatre performance, sports event, etc.) It has now become a multi-billion industry that generates massive revenue for the events industry.

But lately, there has been a significant transformation in event management since it all began. In earlier days, events were more like a small-scale social gathering such as a party, a circus show, or a drama performance at the local theatre. Nowadays, the events industry has grown into a global platform. It enables people to meet and connect with many versatile event categories such as conferences, corporate ticketing or events, exhibitions, summits, seminars, etc. In the current scenario, ticketing has become an integral part of events. And with this change, the event ticketing industry has grown at an equal pace.

This guide will give you everything you need to look for in event ticketing software. Talking about the present state of event ticketing, we will discuss the current use cases and benefits of ticketing systems for events. Read on to learn more.

Benefits of Using Ticketing Systems for Events

When you pair an online event ticketing software with trending customer service techniques, your business gets an exciting edge for customer service. You sure want to get it right the first time! But before you choose a ticketing system for events or a solution partner, it’s a good idea to consider the advantages and finding out where exactly it will fit for your business.

Irrespective of what your industry or support needs are, ticket management systems help everyone involved. Here are the advantages of using a ticketing system for events that’ll benefit both your business and your customers.

1. Flawless Event Registration

Ticket sales take a vital place in the registration process. Of course, it is essential to know how many tickets have been sold. But it is equally crucial to know who bought these tickets. What is the targeted audience for the particular event? Data-backed answers to these questions will help you build a solid ticket strategy. If you have an integrated system, you can follow up on this strategy by tracking ticket sales catering to specific categories and groups.

2. Automatic Confirmation

Guests or customers will need a registration confirmation after purchasing their event tickets. If you have an integrated ticketing system for events, you can send the acknowledgment events directly. You can attach the e-tickets with the email. You can also update with the latest information via push notifications. For B2B events, the guests will require a company invoice. Your ticketing system can generate this invoice for you and include it in the confirmation email. Very convenient, right!

3. Targeted Communication

If your software can track individuals who registered, canceled, or confirmed a ticket for your event, you have all their data with you. This data will help you send them targeted and follow-up emails. You can also consider sending a reminder to the non-respondents or an event update to your future attendees.

Redirect your audience to the website directly from the update mail. You can direct the audience to your event website, where they can find event details and fresh announcements. Targeted group approach and personalization create a higher response rate on email invitations. Hence address your audience in a more personalized manner. You need a ticketing system for your events such that it allows you to serve this personalized experience efficiently without taking up much time for your team.

Features like integrated data and analytics can help you figure out your target audience better. Besides, features like custom domain, custom themes, custom fields, email templates, layouts, customized signatures, and custom CSS (for page-level customization) can help you give your audience a better-personalized experience.

DeskXpand ticketing system for events can make your support lifecycle visual and effective by customizing it. Create your unique identity by designing your ticketing system for events precisely as you want. Try it yourself.

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4. Attendee Intelligence

Every event organizer needs to check their attendees in the easiest way possible. You can go for an online QR code method for checking in your attendees. Connect your ticketing software to your registration overview to gain insights into who is present and still to be expected. You can also use the attendee list to send additional information on the day of the event.

5. Measuring Event ROI

Gaining insights about your event and measuring the return on investment is important to determine the success of your event. Event organizers can make good use of your event ticketing and registration software. Following indicators can help you measure your event ROI:

  • Number of tickets sold (per day, per week, per month, per event)
  • Ticket turnover rate (per category)
  • Audience segmentation
  • Peak ticket booking hours

With a ticketing system for events in place, you can send evaluation surveys and feedback forms to your attendees. You can measure the enthusiasm index and how effective your ticket strategy has been. Use these numbers to make your future events even better!

6. Round the Clock Availability

Your customers would decide to book tickets for your events at any time. They would want to book it at their convenience. They want to book the activity on their schedule, even when your agents are offline. In such a scenario, you can use various self-service features like chatbots, knowledge base, FAQs, and so on to assist your customers when you’re offline.

7. Maximize Your Reservations

If customers call your company to book an event and you’re not available, they may call back later. Or they may move towards their second choice. This way, you lose your customers. Using a ticketing system for events ensures that you capture more potential business. You can use multiple channels of communication for the same.

For example, you can enable email, phonecall and even your social media pages as a point of communication. Let’s say a customer sees your advertisement or post on your social media page and wants to join the event. You can redirect them to your website or the registration page directly. If they have a query, make sure they reach out to you directly from social media. On your end, you can have a unified or omnichannel method of communication wherein your agents receive the queries in the form of tickets irrespective of the channels they’re registered from.

8. Data and Insight

A reputable ticketing system for events usually provides you with a dashboard of analytics that can help organizers grow their business. It provides visibility into the data you collect. With an analytics and reporting system in place, you can quickly determine your most popular sellers, the peak hours for queries, your peak channels that receive the maximum number of tickets, and so on.

Take benefit from knowing what your customers want the most and save time and money on offerings that don’t help your business grow. Your ticketing system’s ability to present the data in the most quantifiable manner will decide your future business decisions and improve your offerings.

Therefore, look for a ticketing software partner that offers you an advanced analytics tool so that you can visualize your information and sift meaningful lessons from it. Develop a database across the events you hold and learn how to make them better. So, choose wisely!

The Bottomline

Now that you know the advantages and use cases of a ticketing system for events, you can quickly figure out whether this technology is suitable for your event management business or not. Make sure that you check out DeskXpand today.

DeskXpand ticketing system for events upholds high standards of personalization. The security practices of all our products are maintained, and the robustness is regularly accessed. We care about securing your crown jewels (data) and do our best to address your needs. We are an ISO-certified event ticketing software development company with 14+ years of experience and many clients across the globe. Our products are known for their high-security standards and scalability.

Deliver a seamless, effective, and exceptional support experience to your event attendees and do your best as an organizer. We can help you personalize your support and configure any workflow on any communication channel, precisely as you want. Learn more about DeskXpand and how it can fit your business.

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