5 Ways a Helpdesk Solution Upscales Your Customer Support
Customer Support

5 Ways a Helpdesk Solution Upscales Your Customer Support

Leverage a robust helpdesk solution and its features to transform and upscale your customer support by many notches.

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Customer support is the backbone of any successful business. Superior quality customer support helps increase customer experience, customer loyalty, and your business’s reputation. If you want to be known as a reputed brand, then it is imperative for you to offer end-to-end customer support of rich quality.

In this digital world, offering customer support is not a cakewalk. Customers have a lot of queries, both simple and complex. And more importantly, they want you to resolve them at a lightning pace. In such a scenario, your business can struggle to keep up with the queries without using a robust helpdesk solution. A helpdesk solution is a new-age tool that helps you scale customer support by enabling you to address all these queries quickly and efficiently. But how exactly does it do? Keep reading this article where we have discussed five ways a helpdesk upscales your customer support.

Faster Ticket Resolution

It won’t be wrong to say that time taken to resolve a ticket is inversely proportional to the customer experience delivered. In today’s fast-paced world, if you take a long time to resolve your customer’s tickets, it might affect or lower their trust and confidence in you. In the worst-case scenario, you may lose a customer and receive brutal reviews, tarnishing your business’s reputation. So, a question arises, “how can you make ticket resolution time faster?” The helpdesk is the answer.

Helpdesk is a one-stop solution to boost your ticket resolution speed. It automates routine tasks, giving more time to your agents to focus on ticket resolution. For instance, whenever a new ticket comes, it directly enters the system, is assigned to the respective support representative, and consists of all the required details about the case, making ticket resolution quicker and easier. That’s the list of a lot of time-consuming tasks that your reps don’t have to do.

Another key thing helpdesk does to increase the ticket resolution rate is ticket prioritization. It helps your support reps manage ticket priorities so they can solve important or urgent tickets first. They can label and mark tickets that are urgent and need immediate attention. When such tickets are assigned to the reps, it puts them on high alert.

Omnichannel Customer Service Experience

Today, businesses cater to the most diverse customers, including GenZ, Millennials, Baby Boomers, and Boomers. And they all have a different approach to reaching out to you. Some will use traditional channels like phone calls and emails, whereas others prefer cutting-edge channels like chatbots, IVR, knowledge base, social media, etc. Also, if we look at the stats, 67% of customers worldwide use three or more channels to engage with a brand.

Omnichannel Customer Service Experience

This means that to offer rich customer support, you must track, manage, and respond in real time to all the interactions taking place over a wide range of communication channels. And that precisely is the challenge. But no more! With an omnichannel helpdesk solution, you can offer an omnichannel customer service experience to all your customers on various channels.

Offer Unified Customer Support Experience With DeskXpand

Contextual Engagement Matters

Offering customer support on multiple channels will not do the job here. Today, customers want contextual engagements. They want to get rid of repeating themselves to different reps over different channels.

Contextual Engagement Matters

Around 25% of customers have admitted that this is one of the most frustrating aspects they would like to get free from.

Contextual Engagement Matters-2

Omnichannel helpdesk offers you a solution. Let’s have a look at how it works. Assume a customer calls your rep for help. However, they decided to follow up on the conversation over live chat. This is possible as all these interactions are seamlessly integrated into a single omnichannel helpdesk solution. So, the agent on live chat doesn’t need to ask the customer again regarding the query as they already know it all, thanks to the omnichannel customer support.

Personalized Support

A few years ago, offering personalized services was considered an additional offering. Cut to now when it has become a necessity for businesses to move ahead of their competitors. When we talk about scaling customer support, personalized support plays a major role. And a robust helpdesk solution enables your customer support team to offer one-on-one attention to every customer. Once a customer sees that the support reps are actually invested in helping them, they feel valued.

Top Sureshot Ways to Offer Personalized Customer Service

Do it the MyMagic+ Way

You can take inspiration from MyMagic+ wristband technology for personalized support. This technology provides key information to Walt Disney World employees, helping them offer personalized and unforgettable moments for all their visitors.

Let’s assume someone wearing a Disney MagicBand has made a reservation for dinner. In such a case, first, the host will greet them by their name the moment they arrive at the restaurant. The host also receives signals on their devices when the person is just a few minutes away from the venue. This prompts the kitchen staff to start preparing the pre-ordered food. When the customer arrives and sits at the table, a receiver placed at the table detects their wristband and informs the server to bring out the meal. Wouldn’t it feel magical if you were treated this way? I am sure you would. And more importantly, wouldn’t you like to induce the same feeling in your customers?

You can replicate this model to make your customer support more personalized. You can start with collecting data. However, you must remain transparent with your customers during this process. By collecting all the relevant data, you can create 360-degree profiles of your customers.

Ask for Feedback & Opinions

To further enhance personalization in your services, you can get information straight from the horse’s mouth. Yes, you can ask your customer’s about their opinions and feedback about your services. This will help you to understand their pain points and overcome them. Here, a helpdesk allows you to share surveys after the completion of customer support interactions. Such surveys can help you gauge the quality of the customer service you are providing. By adopting this feedback-driven process, you can enhance the overall quality of your customer support service.

Higher Quality of Support Through Helpdesk Groups

Nothing despises customers more than waiting on a call for minutes while reps try to wrap their heads around a complex issue and eventually transfer the call to a senior rep. This usually happens when a customer support representative lacks the skill set to address a complex query. This situation becomes more frequent when your business deals with a diverse customer base.

To overcome this challenge, you can use helpdesk groups to segment your customers into groups. These groups include customers having common attributes like speaking the same language or the same product. After segmenting, you can assign specific support reps for each respective group. Let’s take an example to see how it works. Suppose there is a Group A that uses Product Y, then you can assign those reps who are experts in Product Y. Similarly, there is another Group B that uses Product Z, then you can assign those reps who are experts in Product Z.

With this, you can offer your customers specialized support. Now, your reps no longer have to divert the call to other reps as they are qualified enough to solve the query by themselves. It also offers many other benefits. First, it decreases the average ticket resolution time as reps do not have to escalate the ticket to their experienced peers. Second, customers are more satisfied with the superior quality of customer support they receive without waiting for long.

Empower Users With Self-service

Self-service is an innovation that has made it possible for businesses to offer customer support without totally being dependent on customer support reps. Also, the demand for self-service is on the rise. It is because nowadays, customers want to resolve their queries independently instead of going through the routine of calling a support rep and waiting for the resolution. The following stats reflect the same:

  • As per Harvard Business Review, around 81% of customers try to resolve their queries before reaching out to any support rep.
  • 91% of users say they would like to use a knowledge base if it resolves their queries.
  • According to Microsoft, 90% of customers worldwide expect organizations to offer an online self-service support portal.

Self-service is the best way to make customer support scalable. It single-handedly reduces the number of repeated tickets as users can solve queries themselves. This reduces ticket backlog and helps your reps to focus on more complex tickets. Also, it might not be possible to have reps available 24×7. With self-service, you can overcome this challenge and offer round-the-clock support. Also, since self-service reduces your dependency on reps, you no longer need to hire more reps, saving you expenses.

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DeskXpand helps you upscale your customer support service by increasing ticket resolution speed, offering omnichannel support, personalized support, and self-service. Start your free trial now and witness the difference yourself.

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