How Can Help Desk Benefit Your Startup to Succeed
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How Can Help Desk Benefit Your Startup to Succeed

Ten ways helpdesk software can benefit businesses (especially startups) and help them succeed.

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Modern-day startups can no longer ignore the value of customer service. Happy and satisfied customers are important for all businesses. Keeping the buyers pleased after they checkout is a critical area that companies need to work on. Today’s customers are highly demanding and expect quick, instant help from all brands. Nobody likes to wait long phone calls or days just to get a reply. Especially customers with urgent problems become furious and upset with the brands when they do not receive instant support.

In short, without a customer service strategy in place, it is comparatively more challenging for start-ups to survive. But, if done correctly, customer service is the one area where startups can have a competitive advantage over the multinational giants. With a comparatively smaller customer base, startups can cater to the specific needs of their customers and serve a personalized experience. And personalized customer support can help them stand out.

This is exactly where helpdesk software comes into the picture. Helpdesk software can simplify the job of your agents to a great extent. Helpdesk software allows businesses from startups to well-established firms to manage their ongoing functions efficiently.

Having understood the relevance of help desk software for businesses, let us learn why helpdesk software is a must and how it benefits brands to succeed. Here are ten ways how help desk software helps your business:

1. Flawless Ticket Management Workflow

Ticket management is a herculean task for companies that drive their most sales from websites or the eCommerce industry. The number of customers reaching out to the customer support teams is much large. Besides, customers may contact these brands or request help more than once.

As the number of customers increases, businesses experience a steady rise in the number of tickets. They have different issues at different times. Be it login issues, delivery status issues, return issues, shipping-related issues, a single purchase from the customer can create multiple queries at multiple stages. This can get piled up if not addressed quickly, or the resources are not divided adequately. Even small mismanagement in the flow can create huge issues.

With helpdesk software, you can streamline all your support queries easily. Admins or support managers can prioritize, assign, and label customer tickets to the concerned agent. The ticket registration part can be automated. This way, you can make sure that no query slips through the crack. You can automate the ticket assignment process and prioritize according to your SLA rules. You can prevent your agents from cherry-picking the tickets. Besides, this will save you ample time to focus on the actual queries as you bid goodbye to the tedious manual tasks like ticket registration and assignment.

2. Helpdesks Improves Your Team’s Internal Communication

Often, the problems arise simply because teams cannot collaborate on an issue due to lack of proper communication. Helpdesks solve this problem by eliminating the manual, face-to-face talks. Everything your agents say and do is recorded in your helpdesk software. This erases the redundancy and improves the resolution speed.

The shared inbox feature enables agents to see the tickets and see if someone’s working on them or not. This prevents potential collisions. Admins can track who has processed the requests and monitor the progress on that ticket. Agents can also chat and comment internally within the tickets. Furthermore, a ticket can be created within the ticket to track internal subtasks and speed up the process. The best thing about this feature is the improved resolution rates.

3. Self-Service Features Help you Reduce Incoming Queries

Customers look for online resources to solve their problems before they contact the customer service department. Studies show that self-service options cater to almost 81% of customers who attempt to solve their problems independently. If they fail to solve it on their own, they reach out to customer support.

And only a helpdesk software can provide a conglomeration of exhaustive self-help features. Self-service is the easiest way to convey information about your products and services and provide detailed information quickly. All you need to do is consolidate all the FAQs and potential issues and their answers in a single place. Self-service features are more likely to report a higher satisfaction rate, boosting your brand reputation.

Let’s take the example of one of our clients, Jonathan, an enthusiastic entrepreneur working in the healthcare industry. He forecasted a problem before he was going to start his new venture. He knew that he’d receive too many queries and concerns once his business goes large. He was on the lookout for a system that caters to both his specific ticketing needs and serves customer self-service features to boost engagement for his startup. He turned to DeskXpand for help.

DeskXpand Self-service Screenshot

DeskXpand Knowledge Base

DeskXpand helpdesk software provided Jonathan with a simple, intuitive, and integrated mechanism for managing his support tickets. The self-service features came out as a huge help to Jonathan’s customer support. By implementing a self-service portal, Jonathan relieved his agents from answering the same queries again and again. These self-service features also helped his customers find solutions to their problems themselves. He was able to serve as an informative and resourceful help center. Now his customer can simply find answers by searching their queries on the knowledge base. This helps customers get instant answers to simple problems without having to wait for agents.

DeskXpand let him manage unlimited customers effortlessly and helped him scale his customer service. In addition to this, we also helped him with features like shared inbox, ticket management features, automatic ticket importing, automatic ticket assignment, ticket notifications, and so on. As a result, Jonathan observed a decline of 35% in the customer queries received through calls last quarter. Would you like to implement a self-service helpdesk for your business? Jonathan was smart enough to plan it ahead of time! So, what are you waiting for?

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4. Autoresponders and Email Templates to Save Time

Sometimes, customers only need to know that their query has been successfully registered and that their solution is on its way. However, when their complaints go ignored, a negative sentiment begins to appear. It affects your long-term relationship with the customer. This is where auto-responders come into the picture.

Only a small number of companies use autoresponders, but this simple technology can be used to let your customers know that you have received their query. Through autoresponders, you can keep your customers involved through every step of the resolution journey.

Email templates can also help you save time while writing back to your customers. Using pre-designed email templates, your agents can send personalized responses to your customers.

5. Canned Response for Consistent Support

Canned responses can be used to reduce your customer support response time and serve consistent support to your customers. Canned responses refer to the pre-saved or pre-formatted text. It usually includes common greeting messages or common responses that can be saved for future use.

It saves the support agents from typing repetitive answers time and again. Besides, they reduce typos and help the customer support agents disperse stress. Below mentioned are some of the situations where you can use canned responses:

  • Greeting email and notification
  • While ending the customer chat
  • When agents want to ask for further details
  • When the agents want to clarify their understanding of a question
  • While transferring to another live chat agent
  • While talking about features in-detail

6. Analytics and Reporting Features

The best customer service software for startups comes with detailed reports that provide insights into newly imported tickets, high-rated tickets, total open tickets, average ratings, first response time, and so on.

You can get a summary of customer ratings, customer experience, first response time, ticket status, and the quality of support. You can send surveys and encourage them to fill the feedback forms after their resolution is met and their needs are taken care of.

With the help of and access to these real-time customer surveys and feedback, you can train customer support agents accordingly. This will ensure a delightful customer service experience and guarantee better lead generation.

7. Helpdesks Ensures Safety Along With Scalability

When you think about expanding your business, you’ll need to surround your business with a broader audience. This means more room for errors and mistakes, leading to scaling your customer support department. More customers also mean more data and more data threats.

A reliable helpdesk solution helps you implement robust security to prevent unauthorized access or data hacks to it. This way, you can scale safely as per your business rules and policies to consistently carry out your business functions.

Now, if this information inspires you to buy the best help desk software, get in touch with DeskXpand today. We have a comprehensive set of solutions for all your customer support. We can customize your helpdesk software in a way that fulfills your startup expectations.

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8. Monitor and Improve Agent Performance

Customer support helpdesk software helps admins or support managers get full insights into their agent performances and improve if needed. Your customer support team cannot bring more business if you fail to review their performances.

Your agents are an important part of your customer support. Consistently analyzing their performance will give you an idea about their average first-time response. Once you know the individual first-time responses of each agent, you can collectively work on improving them by reducing the roadblocks they are facing in their job.

Monitor and Improve Agent Performance

DeskXpand Analytics

Keeping the analytics in reference, you can check if you’re performing well or not. For example, let’s say your agents are taking an average of 12 hours to respond. And your goal is to bring down your average customer support response time to 8 hours. Then, you can implement various strategies and find a solution to reduce the response time.

9. Personalized Experiences With Helpdesks

Help desk software enables companies to provide personalized customer support. With helpdesk software connected with your customer data in place, you can quickly go through their buyer’s history whenever a customer reaches out. With the help of this history, you can study the customer’s needs, wants, and likes. This way, you can connect with the customers in a personalized manner.

10. Stay Connected From a Central Hub

A lot of helpdesk software offers something called “omnichannel helpdesk.” It means integrating all the support channels, be it chat, social media, emails, and so on. This enables support managers to categorize and organize at a centralized level. Email and social media integration are significantly more important for small businesses and startups.

Email support is frequently used as an initial procedure by many startups because it is easy and does not require much technical administration. Helpdesk software can majorly change this scenario. With helpdesk support software, you can implement multiple channels too.

With most consumers being tech-savvy, it is better to give them a direct way to express their opinions about your products and services. For example, consider social media integration to your support seek. A reliable helpdesk software will turn Tweets and posts directly into support tickets.

Always keep in mind that a good PR with your customers will be the lifeline for your budding enterprise.

The Bottomline

All in all, higher customer satisfaction is considered a key reason to adopt helpdesk software for your business. Customers switch to a different brand for the smallest of reasons. Keep in mind that delighted customers equal loyal customers, and your brand needs loyal customers, especially if you’re just getting started. Employing robust helpdesk software guarantees fast and accurate customer service. So what are you waiting for?

DeskXpand helpdesk software is catered to deliver a more cohesive, flexible, and integrated customer experience across all channels. It is built by functional experts and developers with certifications in their respective fields. We can help you bring together a scalable solution specific to your business. We are ISO27001 certified portal experts with 14+ years of industry experience. We aim to help you achieve complete visibility and attain a high-resolution rate through cohesive customer support software. So, would you like to take a trial?

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