Case Study: How Jonathan Leveraged DeskXpand Self-Help Solution and Reduced His Customer Calls by 35%.

How Jonathan Leveraged DeskXpand Self-Help Solution and Reduced His Customer Calls by 35%.


Jonathan is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who deals with the healthcare industry. He was thinking of coming up with a new startup to help a particular territory for medical supplies and information with a B2B and B2C model. From the beginning, he realized that this startup would have too much customer support in terms of queries and concerns. Therefore, he was on the lookout for a system that caters to both his specific ticketing needs as well as serves customer self-service features to boost engagement for his startup.


  • As customers started landing on the help center rather than the calls.
  • Jonathan observed a decline of 35% in the customer queries received through calls in the last quarter.
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Jonathan had enough experience and done enough research to be able to forecast a future problem. He did not have any problem at hand. But, he forecasted the situation ahead of time. His extensive research led him to DeskXpand, as we are known for hands-on experience in dealing with a variety of ready-to-use products.

Approach to Situation

It was simple to solve Jonathan’s problem as DeskXpand ticketing solution was exactly what Jonathan needed. We walked him through the entire product and its features and once we were done, Jonathan didn’t waste even a second to get started.

DeskXpand provided Jonathan with a simple, intuitive, and integrated mechanism for managing support tickets. He was able to manage his customer requests using a shared team inbox. This collaborative feature helped him increase his team accountability, transparency, and effective communication. Some of the ticket management features that Jonathan specifically needed were automatic ticket importing, automatic ticket assignment, ticket notifications, and so on. DeskXpand let him manage unlimited customers effortlessly and helped him scale his customer service.

In addition to all this, the self-service features came out as a huge help to Jonathan’s customer support. By implementing a self-service portal Jonathan was able to relieve his agents from answering the same queries again and again. These self-service features also helped his customers find solutions to their problems themselves.

He was able to serve an informative and resourceful help center. Now his customer can simply find answers by searching their queries on the knowledge base portal. This helps customers get instant answers to simple problems without having to wait for agents. Jonathan was also able to get more website traffic by optimizing his knowledge base help center with SEO-friendly content. He used our advanced categorization features to help customers find answers smoothly. This way Jonathan was able to build a cohesive brand identity.

Result: Decline of 35% in Ticket Queries in Just 3 Months

After installing DX to his site, Jonathan’s major traffic shifted to his self-service help center. Now, his customers can solve their queries and concerns independently. This also means that his customer calls decreased by 35% in just a period of three months. This is exactly what he had anticipated before going live with the idea.

Not only this, but he was also able to streamline his ticketing process and standardize a common workflow for all his queries. He was able to meet his specific and long-term goals through DeskXpand.

Leverage the Power of DX

Do not miss out on your chance to get in touch with DeskXpand. The sooner, the better. Make smart moves like Jonathan, forecast your problems ahead of their time. Give a self-help angle to your business and grow like playing your favorite game! Get in touch with the DX team today.

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