Complaint Management Software: A Must-have in 2023
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Complaint Management Software: A Must-have in 2023

This article talks about the nitty gritty of an online complaint management system. It covers the challenges, benefits, needs, and specific must-have features of a complaint management software.

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Complaint Management Software: A Must-have in 2023

Providing an excellent customer experience is paramount to a company’s reputation. According to a survey of 15,000 customers by PwC, it was found that 1 in 3 customers will leave a brand they love after just one bad experience, while 92% would completely abandon a company after two or three negative interactions.

Another study states that 67% of customer churn is preventable if companies resolve issues the first time they occur. 77% of Americans feel more positive about brands that encourage customer feedback and 96% rank customer service as the top driver in brand loyalty.

A key to serving a good customer experience is addressing the complaints correctly and quickly. This makes complaint management a center to quality management. No business is immune to customer complaints. Hence, every company needs to have a complaint management process in place.

This is exactly what this article is about. Herein we’re going to discuss the nitty-gritty of online complaint management systems. We’ll also cover the benefits, needs, and specific must-have features of complaint management software. But first, let us understand what exactly is an online complaint management system.

Complaint Management Software

Complaint management software allows companies to address inquiries, deliver consistent support and manage complaints promptly. The primary goal of complaint management software is to address customer problems as quickly as possible. Companies across the globe use automated software to address complaints related to various issues.

Gone are the days of taking notes by hand and manually saving customers’ complaints in Microsoft Word or Excel. Businesses now use automated online complaint management systems to streamline their support processes. It helps them solve complex issues across various channels promptly and professionally.

With complaint management software companies can get a better understanding of the clients, collect data, and increase customer loyalty. In a broad sense, complaint management helps companies handle their customer complaints in order to grow and improve their operations.

Need of an Online Complaint Management System

It is common to wonder why we exclusively need an entire software to address complaints, why can’t we just use spreadsheets instead. The answer is simple.

Spreadsheets are the most common way to store data, but it has its challenges. Like, when you want to communicate with the customers, you cannot do it directly from spreadsheets. You will have to access the data, find the contact details and fetch them manually. Only then you can contact your customers. This makes the manual process tedious and laborious.

Another problem is that when multiple team members try to work on complaints, they might face collisions. The collisions may lead to unnecessary conversations and waste time. You might get lost in the puddle of email folders and sometimes even lose customer data.

Another major problem is, how do you detect collisions in the spreadsheets? How do you know if someone else is working on a complaint? You surely wouldn’t want two of your agents to talk to the same customer, guiding them in two different ways, while addressing their problems. Think of the impression that you’ll make on the customer.

This is exactly why companies exclusively need complaint management software. You also need to log all the necessary data logged accurately and promptly. You will also need to find out potential trends by performing various analytics.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to measure customer satisfaction and take the steps needed to provide exceptional experiences. You need a unified customer complaint management software that allows complaints to be linked to product data, lets you perform analysis, and ensures completion of actions and proactive issue management.

Receive complaints, track them, resolve, and reduce incoming complaint numbers a Complaint Management software. DeskXpand lets you gather all your customer complaints software into one common help desk system. It lets you categorize, assign and resolve all these complaints with ease, without having to struggle with a cluttered inbox filled with customer emails.

Challenges that a Complaint Management Software Solves

Let us now have a look at some common industry challenges while addressing customer complaints.

1. Lack of Procedure

Most companies lack standardized procedures for recording and investigating customer complaints. In such a scenario every agent addresses each incident differently. Inconsistency can lead to confusion and ineffective communication between agents and customers. This is why it is important to have a standardized process.

2. Insufficient Information

Sometimes, recording too little information hampers effective complaint resolution. It can lead to dissatisfied customers. Hence, proper record-keeping is an important requirement.

3. Delayed Resolution

A complaint that is resolved weeks or months after it is received leads to further customer dissatisfaction. It paves the way for new complaints about how long it takes your business to resolve issues. Corrective action needs to happen quickly and even small inaccuracy in the system can cause weeks and months of delay.

4. Outdated Technology

An outdated or ineffective complaint management software can lead to issues such as miscommunication, data loss, improper addressing of complaints and eventually failure to handle and resolve the complaint.

Every business needs modern complaint management software to perform effectively and efficiently. The system should be intuitive, enhanced with automation, and must properly integrate with other business apps. DeskXpand is an intuitive, automated complaint management system that is designed to overcome all the latest industry challenges. Get a personalized demo and find out yourself.

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Benefits of Having a Complaint Management Software

So, we saw some common industry challenges. Now, let us see how an intuitive complaint management software helps you solve these challenges. Here are five primary benefits of complaint management software solves.

1. Boost Efficiency

When you have various disconnected systems, managing data gets extremely difficult. It may cause response delays for complaints. This lag can turn harmful if it comes to identifying safety issues and noncompliance.These kinds of complaints need to be addressed appropriately to avoid customer frustration and prevent revenue losses. The biggest plus point of having a complaint management software is that it lets you address the complaints quickly. As a result, the overall efficiency increases.

2. Consistent Customer Experience

Addressing complaints quickly is important, but addressing them in a professional and consistent manner is more important. A complaint management software lets you standardize your processes on one system.This will also help you speed up the process and reduce the potential repeat complaints. It allows you to keep your customers involved at every stage of resolution. It also lets you provide accurate feedback to the customer regarding their complaint status.

3. Prevents Repetitive Mistakes

Failure to resolve issues can lead to a loss of customer trust. You can stop this by adopting a complaint management system. With a complaint management software, you can ensure that agents investigate the root cause of the complaints. It lets you take effective steps and prevent it from happening again.

4. Digitized Documentation

Having a concrete documentation process is critical for business. It takes a lot of effort to manually protect old complaint records. A unified complaint system does so much more than help handle complaints. It also gives you a thorough documentation paper trail. They can use these stored data periodically to re-access any risks and trends.

5. Helps you Identify Gaps in Your Services

Without a dedicated analysis, it is difficult to find cracks in your support process. Sometimes even the customers can tell the gaps between your services, but you still cannot detect it yourself manually. You can take these customer complaints and turn them into productivity. This will; keep you ahead of your competitors too.

Must-have Features of a Complaint Management Software

So, now we know about the benefits and needs of an online complaint management software. The last important thing to know is the features. Here are some features that a complaint management system must-have.

1. Ticket Management

The most primary part of complaint management is addressing complaints and making sure it works in a flow. This is why ticketing features are a must-have. Your complaint management software should be able to report complaints in the form of tickets automatically from your channels. This ensures that all the complaints are acknowledged in a timely manner.You will also need a shared inbox to process customer requests, manage tickets and suggestions. It gives accountability to your team and improves transparency. It helps them collaborate in order to address the customer needs efficiently. Other ticketing features like collision detection, smart ticket assignment, readymade responses, lifecycle tracking, fast ticket import, and so on are a must-have.

2. Omnichannel

An omnichannel complaint management software lets you engage with your customers across the channels of their choice. It lets you manage multi-channel support from one unified interface.It helps you set up well-orchestrated support workflows across email, self-service, and other such mediums. The self-s services channel helps you avoid common repetitive questions and queries. Your customers can search about common issues and resolve them themselves.DeskXpand is one such omnichannel complaint management software that helps you deliver a more cohesive, flexible, and integrated customer experience across all channels. Achieve complete visibility and attain a high-resolution rate through an omnichannel complaint management software. Take a live demo and find out yourself.

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3. Workplace Collaboration

Collaboration features are a must when you have multiple agents’ complaint handling software for your support and complaints. Collaboration is an integral part of complaint management. Therefore, you need a ticketing system that helps get everyone involved. A shared team inbox helps you save your inquiries from falling through the crack as no complaint ever goes unnoticed.The chat option within the tickets saves a lot of physical communication that would otherwise happen. It also helps you distribute the customer support requests more evenly and keep your agent’s stress levels low. Other features like merging similar tickets, shared ownership, and team access can help you improve your workflow efficiency.

4. Customization

As a company, you would always want to connect with your customers on a personal level, even when you’re resolving their complaints. Hence, it is necessary to pick complaint management software that lets you customize flexibly. Before selecting complaint management software, make sure that you scale and personalize your data on the basis of roles and preferences. Select a portal that lets you design your portal interface identical to your website. Doing so helps you build a cohesive brand identity. Set up a custom domain for your portal and personalize it to reflect your website hosted at a support URL of your choice.DeskXpand can be personalized to tailor to your specific support needs. It helps you know exactly where to improve and make customization efficient. It lets you set up a custom domain, send personalized emails, templates and so on. So, would you like to take a demo?

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Integration with Your data

Disconnected systems drive inefficiencies. Therefore, it is important to select complaint management software that integrates with your data. With data integration, you can have complete visibility about your sales, field services, and customer service performance.

Reports and Analytics

Analyzing accurate and real-time data metrics is important in order to get valuable insights and evaluate your strategy to design better customer experiences. Choose complaint management software that provides you with a 360-degree view of your support performances.It helps you track team performance and monitor your team accordingly. Real-time updates help you spot problems and react faster.

DeskXpand Complaint Management Software DeskXpand

DeskXpand is a fully automated and omnichannel solution that caters to all customer support needs from small to large businesses. It helps you reduce high-cost, laborious, and redundant data-entry tasks by automated complaint management software.

It is built by functional experts and developers with certifications in their respective fields. We are an ISO27001-certified portal development company with 14+ years of development experience. We build products that you can customize according to your present and future needs. We want to showcase how our product works effectively for your business. Request a personalized demo and find out more.

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