Introducing Enterprise Service Desk: Business Benefits and More
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Introducing Enterprise Service Desk: Business Benefits and More

Definition, business benefits and six principles to keep in mind before choosing an enterprise help desk.

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Brands these days house the most complex collections of technology ever assembled. We live in a time when an iPhone is millions of times more powerful than the computer technology that landed Apollo 11 on the moon. Similarly, it’ll take many such devices or tools to propel brands to new heights. An enterprise service desk is one such tool that has propelled the IT customer service industry to new heights.

Managing a massive IT environment with queries coming here and there is like putting out small fires endlessly. Consumed by what’s happening minute-by-minute, these service desks sometimes become trapped in a vicious cycle. So much so that sometimes it can get highly overwhelming for support agents and technicians to manage an outage. To escape this, enterprise customer service desks must anticipate and prevent IT issues before they happen. What I mean is that they need to be proactive, not just reactive. This article is about the know-how of the service desk. Stay tuned! We’ll talk about:

What is an Enterprise Service Desk Software?


The enterprise service desk provides a point of contact that users can call on whenever they face any issue. Brands across the globe are turning to enterprise service models and are competing in a world where technology is simultaneous with instant gratification.

In a broad sense, the enterprise service desk is an all-in-one support system to assist customers and in-house employees. An enterprise service desk can have various channels per the industry niche and has extensive self-help features.

It is quite similar to the general help desk tools. However, the enterprise service desk caters to large corporations (1,000+ employees) generally. Industries across the globe use enterprise service desks to serve quality assistance.

Some of the departments that benefit from enterprise ticketing systems are:

  • IT support
  • Customer service
  • Facilities management
  • Human resources

Enterprise Service Desk Software: Features

Enterprise service desk features and tools sync all your systems and records into one place. This enables support reps to get complete customer context while solving client queries. It also helps you cater to your service reps’ needs.

Some standard features include:

  • Ticketing system for handling and organizing incoming queries.
  • Issue registration system to record issues and related data automatically.
  • Automation and self-service features like knowledge base, AI chatbots, FAQs, and so on.
  • Analytics to analyze your support regularly.
  • Multichannel or omnichannel support to make sure that customers can reach through various channels.
  • Quantifying feedback from customers and improvising accordingly.
  • Automated ticketing features like ticket routing, macros, repeat tasks, and so on.
  • Advanced integrations connect all your secondary tools and centralize these tools in one place.
  • User-friendly interface for quicker support.

To experience these features in real time, take a free trial of the DeskXpand service desk specifically built to cater to SMBs and large-scale enterprises.

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These are the basic must-have features of enterprise help desks. Enterprise service desks help large organizations manage complex workflows without compromising productivity or customer experience.

Still don’t believe it? Take a look at some benefits of an enterprise ticketing system:

Business Benefits of Enterprise Service Desk Software

Enterprise service desks are designed to solve the critical customer support challenges of large and rapidly growing companies. Here are six key advantages:

  • Boosts performance through advanced features like automation
  • Improves overall support workflows and collaboration
  • It helps you reduce the number of tickets through self-service options
  • It lets you build an omnichannel/multichannel muscle
  • It makes your support contextual
  • It helps you measure your performance and implement better strategies

Principles to Keep in Mind Before Choosing Enterprise Help Desk Software

Here are seven guiding principles that are wise to consider rather than making a potentially ineffective or inefficient choice.

1. Focus on Value

The very first thing is to find out who all are your stakeholders and key customers. You need to know what is valuable to them and how they want to experience your services. You need to think about how you can benefit them and think about your bottom line directly.

2. Start Where You Are

Avoid reinventing the wheel. Assess your clients carefully. Assess your current state and look for opportunities to improve what you already have or replicate what is working well.

3. Be Progressive About Feedback

Take customer feedback seriously. If your customers want something, it would only be rational to change your support accordingly and provide them with what they need. Organize the needed changes into achievable steps and ensure that regular reviews of progress and feedback are all moving forward successfully.

4. Collaborate a Visible Support

Promote access to actionable data and involve the right people in the project steps. This will result in effective decision-making, better buy-in, and more positive results.

5. Work Holistically

If you approach service desk management with an understanding of inherent complexity and desired results, it will enable more effective collaboration and problem-solving. It’ll make things easier and simpler for your agents as well. It’ll ensure faster wins and better adoption.

6. Optimize and Automate

After streamlining processes and ensuring their effectiveness, you can minimize frequent and repetitive tasks with increased efficiency. Once your processes are standardized, and your work streams are simplified, you can reduce human efforts (and errors) and also improve the overall employee experience.

Once you’ve established these shared principles, your technology solutions can now take an active role in reducing complexity and enhancing employee productivity. When you replace unstructured, mundane work with modern and automated alternatives, you’ll be able to upgrade the overall standards of your support. Effective enterprise service desk solutions help businesses create, manage and analyze data around business performance, including real-time information about resourcing, requests, and service level agreements, leading to better business performance and insights on growth, competitiveness, and efficiency.

The Future is Dynamic, And So Should Your Next-gen Service Desk

Say goodbye to your legacy help desk technology and tools and adopt a modern enterprise service desk. Enterprise helpdesk software helps large companies:

  • Improve collaboration between agents
  • Keeps accountability and transparency
  • Centralize workflows

When a buzz started to develop around enterprise service desks some years ago, our experts came up with a long-term and feature-rich solution named DeskXpand.

DeskXpand enables you to get up and running within minutes. It is embedded with advanced analytics tools that help companies gain insight and evaluate their strategy accordingly. This helps them design better customer experiences. DeskXpand is rich with collaborative features like a shared inbox that empowers and enables transparent and efficient customer support. Its omnichannel and self-service features enable brands to deliver a cohesive customer experience through a single interface. It also offers customization to help companies design their support interface identical to their website and build a cohesive brand identity.

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