Enterprise Helpdesk: A Rewarding Asset For Any Business
Customer Support

Enterprise Helpdesk: A Rewarding Asset For Any Business

Ditch your legacy customer support tools and improvise your support with an enterprise ticketing system that brings everything you need under one roof.

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“Wow, what amazing customer support did I just experience!” I cannot remember the last time I felt this sentiment. No matter how known the brand is, there’s always something or the other that’s missing in the support. In 2021, most companies fail to deliver the bare minimum satisfactory response, even with the most advanced tools at their disposal—especially mature enterprises.

A common misconception is that the more your company grows, the better your customer support will function and the easier it’ll get. But it is quite the opposite in reality. Established/mature enterprises are often slow and inconvenient for the customers. It is partly because these legacy brands still rely on conventional techniques they used ages ago. It is also because companies fail to find scalable and consolidated software.

In 2021, customer expectations are so high that the standard tools simply don’t cut it. However, an enterprise helpdesk that integrates all your tools would change the scenario for you. Read to find out how you can convert your customer support process into a lucrative asset.

What is an Enterprise Ticketing System?

In a broad sense, it is an all-in-one support system for assisting your customers and employees. It covers multiple channels as per the industry niche and has extensive self-help features.

It is similar to the general help desk tools. However, the enterprise ticketing system usually caters to large corporations (1,000+ employees). It is used across the world by several industries that aim to serve quality assistance. A few departments that benefit from enterprise ticketing systems are customer service, IT support, facilities management, human resources, etc.

The advanced features and tools sync all your systems and records into one place enabling support reps to get complete customer context while solving their queries. These features also help you cater to your employee’s needs. Some standard features include:

  • Ticket management system for handling and organizing queries.
  • Issue tracker system to record issues automatically.
  • Self-service features like knowledge base, AI chatbots, FAQS, and so on.
  • Analytics to analyze your support regularly.
  • Multi-channel or omnichannel support.
  • Getting feedback from customers and quantifying it to improvise.
  • Automating ticketing features like ticket routing, macros, repeat tasks, and so on.
  • Advanced integrations to connect all your tools and centralize them in one place.
  • User-friendly interface for quicker support.

These are only the basic must-have features of what enterprise helpdesks can do for your organization. Helpdesks helps large organizations manage complex workflows and that too without compromising productivity or customer experience.

Still don’t believe it? Take a look at some primary advantages of an enterprise ticketing system:

Benefits of an Enterprise Ticketing System

Enterprise ticketing systems are designed to solve the critical customer support challenges of large and rapidly growing companies. Here are six key advantages:

1. Automation Boosts Performance

Managing a huge inflow of support tickets can be a nightmare, given a large number of customers. Addressing each and every issue with a manual process is impossible. Companies need more than just a spreadsheet-based manual system to rise above mundane and cumbersome tasks.

About 75% of companies plan to invest in automation technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and process automation.

With an enterprise ticketing system, support managers can automate most workflows to save time, minimize efforts, and reduce human errors. Skills-based routing will help teams do more with less. For instance, you can automatically assign tickets to relevant support agents through an automated ticket assignment feature. Moreover, you can enable automated notifications and alerts with your customers too. You can update them about new ticket creation, ticket assignment, resolution journey, internal notes, chats, and more.

DeskXpand caters to large businesses and is enriched with popular ticketing features to improve overall accountability. The round-robin algorithm makes sure that the tickets are assigned automatically in a circular manner. Take a demo to find out more!

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2. Improved Workflows and Work Collaboration

Enterprise companies need to support a lot of customers in different ways. To provide fast, reliable service, you need tools to simplify complex processes. And enterprise ticketing system does exactly this.

Customer support agents often need a manager’s involvement for ticket resolution. Enterprise ticketing systems streamline this communication by enabling side conversations through internal chat (within the ticket.) It also saves a lot of inconvenience to the customers. Agents won’t need to transfer customers to another agent or department. They can operate everything from the ticket interface. It will also improve your overall first-response and customer satisfaction rates.

3. Self-service Features Reduce the Number of Tickets


Customer Self-service

They are more likely to use a self-service website or knowledge base before reaching out to an agent for help.

Enterprise ticketing system empowers you with extensive self-help features in the form of a knowledge base, FAQs, guides, video tutorials, articles, and so on. It means the support agents can:

  • Provide an extensive resource to help enterprise customers service to solve their problems in one click and on their own.
  • Handle a higher volume of tickets in a more straightforward manner
  • Streamline self-service with improved knowledge-base management

A knowledge base can be the best option to provide to your internal staff members. If you receive a new issue, the support manager can copy the resolution and turn that into a knowledge base article. Plus, it makes sure that the articles are mobile-optimized and navigation-friendly.

4. Multiple Channels From a Single Interface

Managing multiple channels from multiple interfaces gets too hectic. When you’re managing a large number of day-to-day tickets, you need a single channel of communication on the support end. But that should not limit your communication channel offerings.

If you bring the entire process together in a single interface, it becomes simpler and less chaotic. Hence the concept of omnichannel communication comes into the picture. Omnichannel brings all channels together at the support end. It is a must to ease the support process for your team.

Here are some benefits of the omnichannel approach:

  • Your agents can respond quickly and can achieve better average response times.
  • They can access customer data quickly and get full context while talking to the customer.
  • You can maintain a superior customer follow-up. It also ensures data security.
  • Your agents do not have to jump between various tools and technologies.

5. A Helpdesk Keeps The Support Contextual

Let’s say a customer wants to shift from one channel to another due to some technical errors. The agent wouldn’t need to start the entire conversation from the beginning. But, the agent does not have a data management system in place; they’ll have to ask for the basic details again. They’ll have to start from scratch.

Hence, brands must stay relevant and contextual. They need to maintain a smooth transition while shifting from one support to another. With an enterprise ticketing system, you can spare your customers the inconvenience of repeating their problems every time they switch channels.

Other benefits of maintaining customer context:

  • Achieve personalized response
  • Understand the customer’s intent and determine their problems.
  • Optimize your customer support journey and use the data to optimize your processes.

6. Measure Your Key Metrics

You need to constantly track your support data and create strategies to improve your support performance to improve your support operations. Moreover, you can share insightful reports with critical stakeholders like business clients, partners, investors, and so on. Here are some support metrics and KPIs that you can measure using an enterprise ticketing system:

  • First response time
  • First contact resolution
  • Daily average tickets
  • Pending tickets and ticket backlogs
  • Average resolution time
  • Weekly/quarterly/monthly performances
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Agent satisfaction

Maintain One-to-one Customer Relationships Even After Your Scale

Say goodbye to ancient technology and tools and adopt a modern enterprise ticketing system. Enterprise service desk software helps large organizations:

  • Improve collaboration between agents
  • Keeps accountability and transparency
  • Centralizes workflows

And with DeskXpand, it is easy to get up and running in no time. When a buzz started to develop around enterprise ticketing systems some years ago, our experts came up with a long-term and feature-rich solution.

DeskXpand’s shared inbox empowers team collaboration and enables transparent and efficient customer support. The omnichannel features help deliver a cohesive CX across multiple channels through a single interface. DeskXpand’s self-service features result in efficient, low-cost, and accessible customer support.

It is embedded with advanced analytics tools that help companies gain insight and evaluate their strategy accordingly to design better customer experiences. DeskXpand also offers customization to help companies design their support interface identical to their website and build a cohesive brand identity.

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