Manufacturing Ticketing System: Making Customer Support Easy For Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing Ticketing System: Making Customer Support Easy For Manufacturing Industries

Find out how manufacturing ticketing systems help industries ace their targets and help them flourish.

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Globalization has primarily affected the manufacturing industry across the world. The new market trends and cheaper operational options have been changing the existing benchmarks of the manufacturing industry. As the internet has become a necessary source of information and mode of communication, suppliers and buyers can now connect across the world and close deals.

Along with this, the conventional flow of technical support in the manufacturing industry also needs reforms. Besides, nowadays, companies have multiple locations across the globe. This makes things more complex and calls for efficient operational options to cater to these emerging trends. Ever-improving customer care is also a must! Industry experts need a robust, well-organized system to connect the company and buyers efficiently.

The manufacturing industry (small, medium, and large enterprises) is adopting helpdesk or ticketing systems to manage better communication. The manufacturing ticketing system is the new wave of technology that ensures that the entire customer support of the manufacturer is never compromised. A manufacturing ticketing system makes the process of digitally storing data from various departments extremely effective. Modern ticketing systems are proven to be worthy of adapting to manage better communication throughout the whole manufacturing process. This also ensures better optimization of interdepartmental communication.

This article’s primary focus is to understand how manufacturing ticketing systems help industries ace their targets and help them flourish. Let’s start by looking at the benefits to the manufacturing industry and the most important aspects of a manufacturing ticketing system:

Benefits of Manufacturing Ticketing System

Manufacturing businesses and customer support may sound like a very unusual thing. With the advent of newer technologies and cheaper production options, customer support has evolved into a differentiating point in the manufacturing industry. Due to the excellent opportunities of outsourcing, manufacturing companies usually have to manage clients, sometimes even across countries. Customer helpdesks or manufacturing ticketing systems have been deployed at various levels to streamline processes and reduce costs. Here are its business benefits:

  • Manufacturing ticketing systems are affordable, simple to use, and quicker at implementation.
  • It allows you to customize the self-service experience for clients as per your needs.
  • You can organize and integrate computer telephony with customer support to drive a better user experience.
  • You can increase support efficiency by reducing repetitive tasks and a high volume of incoming queries.
  • A ticketing system enables you to keep the clients and their staff informed with the latest information.
  • Create performance and efficiency reports, including your staff, and manage resources accordingly.
  • It enables companies to provide 24 X 7 support for their clients.

How Manufacturing Ticketing System Help Businesses

Deploying technical support solutions at various organizational levels is necessary. It improves vendor management and also ensures quick response time to outstanding issues. The support agents can track and respond to customer service requests quickly as well as efficiently.

Manufacturing Ticketing System

Manufacturing Ticketing System

With manufacturing ticketing systems, companies can reduce operational costs, reduce employee training time, organize and track customer support requests and enable faster response time. Besides, streamlined customer support management allows each department to engage its support process with better insights. Here are a few benefits of manufacturing ticketing system:

1. Managing Various Customer Accounts From a Central Location

Managing all customer accounts from a central location is critical for manufacturers. A competent ticketing system should include a solution that centralizes all data and queries on a single dashboard. The customer accounts also need to be managed from a central location.

It is an efficient solution to automate customer support, vendor management, vendor communications, long-lasting relations, and stay ahead of the competition. This helps your agents track all customer information thoroughly. The customer details are just a click away, and support agents can have visibility to all support interactions instantly.

2. Bring all the Information Together

A self-service portal or self-service features enable 24*7 access to customer service. Moreover, it can reduce the workload of your helpdesk staff. You can also have an autosuggestion feature for your visitors. They can have the solution right there whenever they need it.

This ensures ultimate freedom to the customers. It empowers your customers to create, monitor, close, or reopen a ticket. The admin or the manager can decide what kind of information they should give the customers regarding the product. A comprehensive and searchable knowledge base makes the entire customer support service process look unbeatable.

3. Multi-channel Communication

Multiple modes of communication are an essential part of a support ticketing system. Customers should feel that they’re only a phone call away from solving their queries. This leaves a long-lasting impression on customers as the usual response time gets short. The call answering features or easy call routing can make the entire process faster and smoother. And enabling multi-channel communication can help you achieve this.

The entire ticketing system becomes super-efficient and productive and saves their time from unproductive or repetitive tasks.

4. Flexible Integration

The helpdesk or ticketing system needs integration to specific ERP systems for manufacturing companies to get the maximum benefits. An ideal helpdesk solution would allow you to integrate your third-party tools with your helpdesk to achieve efficient results. Companies that adopt these solutions achieve impressive support cost savings, reduced response time, exceptional customer support delivery, improvements in workflow, and seamless communication.

A manufacturing ticketing system allows companies to achieve this while enabling a continuous improvement in processes and workflows.

Features of a Manufacturing Ticketing System

Nowadays, the manufacturing ticketing system has become a necessity rather than a mere requirement. Businesses can increase their support efficiency by reducing repetitive queries and the high volume of tickets and calls.

Key Features of Manufacturing Ticketing System

Key Features of Manufacturing Ticketing System

Let’s look at the features that an ideal manufacturing ticketing system must have.

1. Ticketing Features

Ticketing features involve everything from essential automated ticket registration, ticket assignment, changing ticket status, maintaining a proper workflow, and ensuring that the customer is involved at every resolution step.

An advanced ticketing system like DeskXpand can directly turn emails into actionable tickets and delegate them to their respective team members as per their specialty. Managers or supervisors can mark emails or tickets as “ open,” “ pending,” “ closed” and always keep a tab on their status. Features like auto-import and auto-assignment make sure that issue prioritization is maintained over everything else. This prevents the agents from cherry-picking the tickets. Agents can also leave private notes within the tickets to communicate internally with other team members if necessary.

With DeskXpand’s robust ticketing features, agents can manage, update, and resolve issues efficiently. Besides, they can keep all the parties informed by automatic notification. Everyone involved in the process can track the entire ticket lifecycle and monitor real-time updates. Take a demo today! Find out more about DeskXpand.

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2. Supplier Management

A manufacturing ticketing system is usually built in a way that allows suppliers to sign-up or log in to their accounts and make inquiries online. Customers can also easily log in to supplier helpdesk software and view their tickets, their status, resolution stage, and response, if any. On the other hand, admins can view this information and updates directly through their admin dashboard.

3. Self-Service Knowledge Base

Customer self-help tools are always a plus. Tools like knowledge base, web FAQs, etc., can help you empower your customers to help themselves. This way, companies can also enable round-the-clock support to their customers.

By reducing the high volume of tickets and repetitive queries, companies can increase support efficiency. Pick a manufacturing ticketing system that allows you to customize the self-service portal for clients and their respective contacts precisely as you need.

4. Analytics and Reporting

Every manufacturing portal or ticketing system will need a consolidated overview for the admin managers to analyze and manage performances. An ideal manufacturing ticketing system would allow admins to analyze their support through a consolidated dashboard.

Admins can create performance and efficiency reports of their customer support staff and can manage their resources effectively. Analytics and reporting enable administrators to know the heart rate of their helpdesk with the help of meaningful metrics. They can find loopholes in their system and evaluate their strategies accordingly in order to design better customer experiences.

Managers can deliver personalized and real-time support in the future by tracking customer journeys, conversation history, preferred channels, etc. They can also get instant feedback on ticket activity and then monitor real-time activities.

5. Customization

Manufacturing companies can serve a truly personalized experience through customization. They can create their statuses to reflect the needs of their helpdesk activities. With the DeskXpand manufacturing ticketing system, managers can ensure that incoming requests have all the required information by configuring custom fields for tickets.

DeskXpand manufacturing ticketing system supports unlimited customers and lets you manage them all through a single interface. Besides, you do not need to install or set up any extra software. So, would you like to take a trial?

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6. Smart Service Level Agreement Rules

Companies can improve their customer relationship by implementing smart service level agreement rules. This reduces the dependency on manual involvement. An ideal manufacturing ticketing system would let you automatically perform an action on a ticket when certain constraints are met. You can define a set of conditions/actions to create smart rules specific to your needs.

You can create SLA goals for individual categories and ensure that incoming requests are responded to within the SLA timelines. Automated notifications will help you stay updated about unanswered requests that threaten to breach an SLA goal.

7. Seamless Communication With Vendors and Industry Suppliers

Do you need to send parts to Canada? Want to import technology from Japan? You can do it all. Through a manufacturing ticketing system, companies can track orders and manage all communication between vendors and suppliers. They can create tickets for the same and keep updating them with the current status information. They can also add private notes to discuss issues internally. All this from a single intuitive interface.

You can also have a multilingual manufacturing ticketing system that gives your support staff the flexibility to choose their preferred language. You can enable this feature for your end-users as well. Let them submit requests in any language, and ensure seamless handling.

DeskXpand: An Ideal Choice of The Manufacturing Industry

With companies operating at warp speed in today’s digital world, manual goods management and distorted communication processes can increase inefficiencies. Efficient ticketing management is crucial to ensure adequate visibility into operations. It also helps manufacturing businesses improve supplier collaboration and their performance.

With DeskXpand, you can enhance your compliances and mitigate the risk of running out of stock of manufacturing material, and no more using calendar reminders, sticky notes, and emails. DeskXpand manufacturing ticketing system lets you define inquiry ticket order and priority levels, and resolution time. Less resolution time automatically means lower support costs and increased ROI.

DeskXpand manufacturing ticketing system upholds high standards of security. The security practices of all our products are maintained, and the robustness is regularly assessed. We care about securing your crown jewels (data) and do our best to address your customers’ needs. We are ISO certified ticketing software development company with 14+ years of experience and many clients across the globe. Our products are known for their high-security standards and scalability.

Deliver a seamless, effective, and exceptional support experience to your customers. We can help you personalize your support and configure any workflow on any channel, exactly as you want. Get in touch with our experts today.

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